The #10 lesson learned in the last 10 years in the skincare and makeup industry

Take Eyebrow Shaping Seriously!

Eyebrows, oh how I love thee! You balance our features, frame our face, can make us look younger, older, and really make us look polished and together (or not!). Read on Space Coast, for fail proof tips on how to create your essential part of beauty maintenance a love/love relationship.

1. Work with what you got. Over-tweezed brow’s from the 90’s are out. And we all have found, sometimes, it never grows back! It takes at least 3 months of self control to get a decent amount of re-growth. Let them take their natural shape before going to a professional or at-home attempt.

2. NEVER TOUCH THE TOPS! General rule of thumb, the tops give your natural shape. Once touched, its original design has been altered and maintenance is then required. The bottom portion of the brow (where we all wax and tweeze) gives the arch and look that you are wanting to achieve, so let the tops stay!

3. Trimming isn’t just for bangs. This is a great, instant way to rid the bushy brows look without tweezing and removing width. Use an eyebrow brush to brush upwards straight, and trim whatever hairs are above your natural line. Use small eyebrow scissors for trimming for the most control.

4. See a specialist. It’s not necessary every 2 weeks to go to your esthetician for eyebrow waxing. Your shape, unless altered, really needs to be evaluated quarterly. See a brow specialist for a full shaping 4 times a year to ensure you don’t get tweezer happy or look like an Eddie Muster look-a-like. They will wax, tweeze, shape and trim in a 30 minute session that will turn you from drab to fab. In between sessions, tweeze the stragglers underneath your brow line and in the middle.

5. A little brow makeup goes a long way. Shadows or gels are great if you have the hair, just not the color or thickness. Pencils can give shape and depth otherwise lacking. Most brows have some sparse areas that need tweaking. Comb the brows downward to fill the color directly onto the skin where needed and then re-brush to groom. Make sure to match your natural color, blondes don’t naturally have black eyebrows.

Give the little above the eye some love. Don’t discredit what a little attention can do, and see all the compliments you get. Bold brows make you look younger, healthier and more put together. With over 13 years combined experience at Millefiori, we can always point you in the right direction to achieve your beauty and skincare concerns. Call to schedule a complimentary consultation today at our downtown Melbourne office at (321)821-4778.

Till next time Melbourne, love the skin your in!


Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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