3 Makeup Mistakes That are Adding Years to Your Face


3 Makeup Mistakes That Could Be Adding Years To Your Look

Aging is a natural process that most of us try to fight. The wrinkles, spots, hair loss from all the good places and hair growth in all the wrong ones. I’ve heard it time and time again – “I NEED my makeup now that I’ve gotten older.” Ok, I admit, I feel like I NEED it too – but I also make sure my makeup is helping me look youthful, not the opposite. Have you ever seen older women who have the whole Kit and Kaboodle caked on and thought to yourself “She would look so much better if….” I know I sure have!!  The holidays have arrived (and so have the parties) so what better time to share these 3 makeup mistakes that you may be making that could be adding years to your look.


Makeup MistakeBlack is one of my fav’s….. FOR CLOTHES!! After 35, it doesn’t really belong on your face. Choosing black over brown (for eyeliner, eyebrow color and mascara) adds harshness and can even create a heaviness to the eyes. Brown adds dimension and framing yet more is a more flattering and youthful option verse black.

EXTRA NOTE: Do not line the bottom lashes! This closes your eye. Apply a few extra coats of a thickening mascara for the opening affect you were looking for.


As we age, eyebrow color, thickness and shape fades. Filling in with a pencil (or gel if you still have hair) frames your face and is a more youthful look.

EXTRA NOTE: Find a shade the same or slightly lighter than your brow hair color – it adds definition with softness. Just like the brows, you lose the rosiness in your face that you once had. Poor circulation, diet, medications and environmental factors decrease the blood circulation and “glow” to your face.. Don’t be a stranger to your blush trio! Giving yourself a little color goes a long way to a healthy youthful appearance.

EXTRA NOTE: Dry, mature skin wears cream blushes longer and better. Apply with a tap of your fingers, starting on your apple of the cheek and working upwards, for color that lasts all day!


Makeup MistakesThis may be the biggest offender for you Melbourne clients. There is a serious lack of boutiques and professional advice for this area. With that being said (and I truly understand your pain), if it has been more than two years since you’ve been  professionally matched – it’s time for a drive. You change hairstyles, clothing, cars – why would you still use the same type of foundation for 20 years and assume it still looks good?! Your skin has changed and your makeup needs do too. As a blanket statement, older women need a hydrating foundation due to dry, menopausal skin. Liquid foundations, tinted moisturizers and CC creams all fall into this category. I know we live in Florida and there are days of 99% humidity and powder seems to be the best option to control the invincible sweat. It doesn’t. That powder temporarily mattifies but also settles in lines and wrinkles – aging you and magnifying the things you are trying to hide. Blotting papers throughout the day is a better choice for hormonal and t zone oil. The only way to really tell if your foundation is right for you is to try it. Wear a sample for a day and see if the color matches in natural light and that the product wears as you expect it to throughout the day.

EXTRA NOTE: For patients who have major discoloration – you need to ask the experts! Crazy color choices by the inexperienced to cover those pesky spots can give you a muddy look not complimenting at any age.

Don’t get caught with a makeup look that adds years to your face. Come experience a complimentary skincare consultation with our skin care experts for one-on-one advice at Millefiori Medical Skin Rejuvenation, located in downtown Melbourne. We are here to make you look and feel your best this holiday season, Tuesday through Saturday. (321) 821-4778.

Till Next Time Melbourne!
Love the Skin You’re In.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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