DAT- My New Best Friend


The Hydration Tool

Meet our new office friend… DAT – formally known as the Dehydration Analyzer Tool. But doesn’t DAT sound way cooler.  I recently went to a training conference for Skinceuticals. While I was there the trainer mentioned acquiring the new tool that measures the level of hydration in the skin.Hydration

How neat is that!! So of course, I rushed back to work the next day to let the girls in on this new tool. We ordered it right away!!

So How Does DAT Work?    

The DAT is equipped with a feature called Bioelectric Impedance Analysis. That is a Mouthful!! It sends a gentle, undetectable electric current through your skin’s top layers. Then measures how fast the current bounces back to the tool, you’re given a percentage number indicating how dehydrated you actually are.

The pain-free process involves placing the pen against the cheek, which results in the current passing through the skin. This current then identifies how hydrated your skin is based on the way the electric current interacts with the water in your skin. Magic!!

            What range is the sweet spot?

  • 51% – 99% — healthy balance of skin hydration
  • 31% to 50% — slightly dehydrated skin
  • 0% to 30% — severely dehydrated skin

The Test

When I woke up over the weekend, I wanted to put DAT to the test. I tested it out in the morning during my am routine, mid lunch and at my evening routine. It was definitely interesting to see how our skin can be affected by the outside radicals such as sun, humidity, temperature climate. However your skin care regiment can help combat the effects to keep you hydrated.


So on Sunday morning… more like afternoon because it was noon when I finally decided to act like an adult and get out of bed. I decided I would test out the moisture pen all day today. It’s super important to use a great hydrating moisturizer both morning and night but especially at night since your skin is repairing in the evening.


I applied my triple lipid Saturday night around 8pm and by the next morning (12pm) I was at a level 29.5% which is AMAZING. It had been 15 hours since I had replenished any skin care products let alone water for my body.

Mid afternoon after soaking up the summer warmth, laughing the Sunday away with my family by the pool, and consuming way too much food. I went back home and my levels measured at a whopping 12.2% !!! Holy moley that’s not good. I know I was not good at keeping my water intake up to par that day. I instantly chugged water and once I was done cooking, went to start my pm routine.

I applied my HA Intensifier and my triple lipid at the end of my routine and decided to let it dry; before I knew it, 2 hours had gone by haha. I applied the pen to my cheek and the results made me a happier girl. A healthy 41.0% – not in the super sweet spot but the fact it had risen that much from the 12.2%; I’ll take it!

I made sure the next morning I was even better with my product application – I use the Hydrating B5 gel in the morning but before that I apply the HA Intensifier; the results were even better come Monday!

My Take Away

Keeping your skin hydrated and filled with moisture is what keeps the wrinkles and fine lines at bay. Your complexion radiates with a healthy smooth glow when it’s hydrated.

When you’re dehydrated you will notice almost a dull complexion so make sure you’re staying on top of your water intake. Make Sure Your products have hydrating properties. Finally make sure you’re scheduling routine facials to slough off the dead skin cells.

Give us a call to schedule your next facial and you too can see where your moisture level stands!


Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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