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What to eat in Downtown Melbourne

Best Dishes to Eat from People who Work in Downtown (PT1)


What to eat in Downtown Melbourne? There are millions of choices when figuring out what to eat in Downtown Melbourne. Ten Plus restaurants to choose from and hundreds of menu items. How can one person make a choice of what to eat when sitting at your desk eagerly awaiting lunch? Well, I am here to give you the opinion of the people who work downtown. I asked each person the one item they would recommend for people eating in Downtown Melbourne.

The main perk of being a business owner in Downtown is the amazing food each restaurant offers. I own Millefiori Medical Skin Rejuvenation which sits right in the middle of all the great restaurants. My go to as of late has been Backwaters Greek Omelet. Everything in backwater is amazing from their pulled pork to their pancakes. However, if you like spinach, feta cheese, and tomato then you will LOVE this omelet. Words cannot do this masterpiece justice, from its freshness to the cheesiness it is a gift from the Heavens. Not to mention the homemade buttermilk biscuit that comes with it. Add butter and their homemade jelly to the biscuit…. I am drooling thinking about it.

What to eat in Downtown Melbourne
Eat in Downtown Melbourne
The Mansion

Jarin Eisenberg, Executive Director of Melbourne Main Street and us who work down here have titled her the Princess of Downtown (b/c she does everything and anything to help grow Downtown) Says this about her Favorite Meal “One of my favorite meals to eat in Downtown Melbourne is the Tavern House Salad at The Mansion. I love the fresh greens, the pumpkin seeds, and how it is always perfectly dressed. It is my go to lunch, usually with the ahi tuna on top. I also love the staff, atmosphere, and getting to see The Mansion owner Beth when I am there’”

Jessica Larned, creative genius and owner of Digital Ink says “The Mandarin Salad from La Crepe is a flavorful blend of very fresh ingredients and a homemade rice wine vinaigrette. The fresh flavors from the cilantro, jicama and mandarin oranges offers a nice, light tropical meal. No too heavy and so yummy.” Jessica has owned Digital Ink for over 5 years, so she has seen her fair share of yummy plates in Downtown.

Iris Kelley, owner of Millefiori Medical Skin Rejuvenation had this to say about her favorite item in Downtown Melbourne. “So the next time you are in downtown you need to stop into Meg’s and get these magical things called potato balls. I know it doesn’t sound super fancy right of the bat but it is so worth it. Think about the best loaded mashed potatoes that you have ever had then add corned beef then roll in into a yummy ball. And then wait for…. deep fry it! Yes that is correct the potato balls at Megs are like fluffy whipped loaded potatoes with meat and cheese that are fried until golden brown. They come with a side of cool sour cream which is the prefect topping. So the next time that you are shopping and roaming the streets of downtown make sure that you stop into Megs and pick up their appetizer of potato balls for a snack. I promise you will not be disappointed.”Eat in Downtown Melbourne

This is part one of our Best dishes in Downtown. We will have more in the next few weeks.

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