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Why the Millefiori family Can Hard Wax the Same Day as a Chemical Peel?

Have you ever been scheduled for your monthly peel and notices your stache is making a presence the day of your appointment? Better yet, ON THE WAY TO YOUR APPOINTMENT (because that natural car light is oh so forgiving!). Ugh, that’s the absolute worst!

Estheticians are drilled in school to never wax near a chemical peel or heavy exfoliation treatment, so will never do it for you. You are forced to be fuzzy or fight the shadow for at least a week after. With anyone’s luck, it will be around a family gathering or non-profit gala. Because that’s how the Universe works! Well good thing we’ve gotcha covered here at Millefiori! We aren’t the run of the mill skin rejuvenation center – which I know you already know since you’ve been in before 😉 Therefore neither is our waxing services. ALL WAX IS NOT CREATED EQUAL! So why can we at Millefiori wax the same day as a chemical peel?

Why Hard Wax?

Traditional strip wax exfoliates the skin (which is why it feels so amazingly smooth!). It’s the most common waxed used, but we’re anything but common – common how boring! It adheres to your skin and hair, and removes both.

Hard WaxHard wax is a special wax that only adheres to your hair – therefore has no effect on the skin where you’re trying to remove hair. Yippie! No red lip fore days or swollen chin patches here. You can’t even tell you’ve had it done, other than the lack of hair! It’s much less painful and is great for the most sensitive skin (even pre-chemical peel!).

Can Anyone Use it?

Why don’t most places offer such an amazing product? Well, hard wax is more advanced to use. It’s not taught in traditional esthetician school, so many inexperienced skin specialists aren’t comfortable with it. It’s also more expensive to purchase. But we’re family here, and we spare no expense for family! We all deserve it! That means YOU CAN get hard wax the same day as your favorite peel and not bare the hair in embarrassment!

Book your date night peel and brow styling today to get your face weekend worthy! Book any peel with or without this fabulous wax  with Stephanie or Sadia. Remember, you deserve it!

Be furless and fearless

Till next time Melbourne!
Love the skin you’re in.


Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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