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Millefiori Facials


We all have had a pedicure or massage to decompress. You leave feeling renewed, able to take on the day, and extremely relaxed. These services also make you feel clean, healthy and refreshed. Millefiori facials are the same thing for the face. Relaxing like a massage (you have no idea how much stress you hold in your facial muscles), cleansing like a pedicure (extract away!) and leaves you beautiful and renewed like a new fresh blowout! If you’ve never had a Millefiori facial, you are missing out! You don’t need problematic skin to get a facial. The rule of thumb is “if you have a face, you need a facial!”


Millefiori Facial
More than a treatment, Millefiori facials nourish and correct the skin while relaxing the senses. Thoughtfully customizing each service, myself – the medical Esthetician, with over 10 years experience tailors your service in every sense of the word. From the aromatherapy used throughout the treatment, to the pressure used on pressure points throughout the body and products chosen to ensure results to match the expectations and concerns of the client. I ask more questions than people expect, and I even get the “why does it matter?” comment sometimes. All the answers I get to my pre-treatment questions give me more knowledge to ensure the best hour you will not soon forget.

Improved Skin

I see many patients who have never had a Millefiori facial, and now have skin problems that  brings them into my office. Millefiori Facials correct the skin, but it can also prevent future skin problems, including breakouts, sun damage and wrinkles/loss of elasticity. At-home facials may give a temporary effect (think Cinderella – you will turn into a pumpkin at midnight!) but spa facials bring you to the next level of relaxation and results.

Millefiori Facial
Come into Millefiori to see why we are the #1 spa in Melbourne, and why 100% of our spa clients return for more future treatments! We are opened Tuesday through Saturday, from 9am -6pm.



Esthetician secret: Book a facial early on Saturday or late Friday evening…. BEST WAY TO START A WEEKEND!
Till next time Melbourne! Love the skin you’re in. -A

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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