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Oscars 3 best Skincare secrets Revealed

Skincare Tricks We Learn By Watching The Oscars Ok, so who watched the Oscars this past Sunday? The two big stories at the Oscars were Leo

Skin Conditions Micro-needling works best

3 Skin Conditions For Best Results with Micro-needling Micro-needling has many different quotes but here are my favorite, “My friend got this thing done to her

3 Tips for Smoother, Younger Looking lips

HOW TO ACHIEVE SMOOTHER, YOUNGER LOOKING LIPS Pucker up baby! Lips take a beating when it comes to the aging process. They are subjected to

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Why You Should Use Microneedling Today

Microneedling or Laser – Technology Advancements in the Esthetic  Industry When it comes to the esthetic industry, lasers are the big dog on the block.