What is the Millefiori Experience

The Millefiori Experience


When Iris and I first broached the subject of opening Millefiori there was one thing we knew we needed, we needed to be different. Spas are a dime a dozen and you could get the same service, the same price, and the same satisfaction at all of them. Medical Spas (Real Medical Spas) all had the same business model, get as many people in and get them out as quickly as possible. The last thing we learned is that everyone is the most knowledgeable….. How can every person in every industry be the MOST knowledgeable?

We quickly decided we were going to form our model around the customer and call it the Millefiori Experience. We have three basic rules to this model and we pride ourselves in upholding these three rules.


Rule 1: Family

At our First Birthday Party

At Millefiori we are a family first, business second. For example Ashley gave an incredible Maid of Honor speech at our wedding. We celebrate personal victories with each other, we celebrate work victories with each other, and we support each other through the tough and good times. We want our clients to become a part of the Millefiori family as well.

We believe it is the little things in life that count. Having an hour facial booked for an hour and a half so you get that extra 30 minutes of Ashley’s attention. A 15 minute Botox session is booked for 45 minutes so you can get to actually know and trust Iris. If you have been to Millefiori you understand Iris has a deep compassion for everyone. We get to know you as a person and not just a client who receives Botox every three months. Iris and Ashley have been called better than therapists! We treat you like family (Except no arguing) so you get excited to tell your friends about The Millefiori Experience.


Rule 2: Go Above & Beyond

This rule takes a lot of training every week. When you walk in that door we want everything in your mind to completely disappear. You drink white wine your first time in the office we will have it waiting for you as you enter. Our promise is to make you feel like you are the only person in the world that matters, because some times we need that feeling.

Always an email of Phone Call Away

At Millefiori we want you to be able to ask us anything about anything. Anyone in our office will find out the answer to your questions? We have had people ask about elderly care, roofers, bug guys, where we (Not me as I am bald) get our hair done. It is easy to tell you a number and have you call but we will call for you and make sure they call you at a certain time.


Rule 3: Passion

The most successful people in any industry are the people who are passionate about that industry. We believe that everyone is different and every skin care situation has a different tool to help. When you walk into Millefiori and meet Ashley and Iris and start talking about skincare you immediately understand how passionate they are about skincare. They do not believe in one-size fits all and let you talk about your concerns and your fears in regards to different treatments. We DO NOT believe in selling a treatment to someone to fill a quota (Benefit of being Privately owned) or selling you a laser package because it is normally $3000 but today it is only $1500. Our passion is too great for the Skincare industry to sell anyone, we want to help and make sure you have the Results you want with the Experience you deserve.

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Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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