Micro Needling

It is time to stop falling for all the over counter products that are overpriced and do not deliver results. If you feel like your reflection does not represent how you feel Millefiori for skin rejuvenation is the answer

Micro Needling with the Rejuvapen

What Is Micro Needling?

Micro Needling is an all natural treatment for anti-aging concerns, also know as skin needling, or collagen induction therapy is a procedure that causes controlled micro-injuries to promote the skin’s natural healing response. With a device called RejuvaPen there is stimulation and regeneration of the skin to effectively improve tone and texture, as well as tightening and rebuild elasticity and collagen.

How Does Micro Needling Work?

The RejuvaPen is a device that uses “micro-needles” to create a light intentional surface injury to the skin. This injury stimulates the wound healing response of the epidermis. The specialized tip created multiple channels for products to penetrate depper into the skin and triggers the body to fill with new collagen and elastin. This treatment uses similar technology to fractional lasers, but by eliminating heat, reduces the downtime. The end result is an “airbrushed” look with improve texture, firmness, reduction in acne scars, and reduced pore size.

Is Micro Needling Safe?

Micro needling with the Rejuvapen is proven as a simple and fast method to safely treat texture and scars of the skin. One of the benefits to micro-needling is the epidermis stays intact and multiple treatments can be done in series. Also, micro needling is easily used in sensitive areas such as around the eyes where laser and deep chemical peels are not typically done. The procedure is performed on all skin colors and types, unlike laser there is no risk of injury to the skin. Rejuvapen is well tolerated by patients with minimal downtime, and easily personalized by going deeper in some areas where skin damage warrants more aggressive treatments.

Micro Needling at Millefiori

We know that our clients deserve the best, so we make sure every treatment with us will exceed your expectations. The RejuvaPen treatment begins with aromatherapy and a spa cleanse of the face. Then a prescription strength topical numbing cream is applied to the skin. Numbing cream is applied and the procedure is done as the pen sweeps across the skin and a Hyaluronic Acid gel is applied. There is very little pain and the skin responds with a rosy pink complexion. After the treatment, a healing epidermal repair cream is applied and a physical sunblock. Immediately after the skin feels a little tight and sensitive for the next 24 hrs. The next day your routine can resume as normal with NO DOWNTIME! A series of 4 treatments are recommended and spaced every 4-6 weeks.

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