The #1 lesson learned- BOTOX

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Embrace Botox, your future self with thank you!

Have you heard of a little secret to the Hollywood stars called Botox? Yes, Botox! It’s true, this little gem is priceless for anti-aging, mood enhancing and even headache/sweat eliminating!

Ok, so I know Botox is a very personal decision. I, personally, know the mental argument of, do I really need this? Do I really think it will make a difference and be worth it? Isn’t there something else I can do? I don’t want to go through pain!?!?

Botox has such a bad rap. Many people I meet that are uneducated about the product have a mindset that it will dismorph you to no return, enlarge your lips like a duck, or come up with another crazy story that doesn’t even resemble Botox or it’s other neurotoxin counterparts.


Botox in general is a muscle relaxer. When injected into the muscle, it relaxes to eliminate contractions that cause wrinkling on the surface of the skin. This works on the forehead, on the crow’s feet and near the lips for smoker’s lines. It can also be injected other places more obscure, like in the armpits for sweating, the base of the neck for headaches, and other amazing locations.

I say from experience, it does not hurt. At all. Zilch, nada, not even a smidge! For any of you, like me, who have pricked their finger with a family member to check blood sugar levels — that hurts worse! Really! The gauge of needle is smaller, the technique the injector uses distracts, and the area consistently being manipulated or touched, all makes the procedure easy like a Sunday morning.

For forehead lines and crow’s feet, expressions are what is causing those creases. You raise your brows up, furrow and squint, sometimes not even knowing it. All those movements over time make the line deeper, more prominent, and eventually will never go away. Botox will soften these, and eventually eliminate those little creases that are making you look mad, upset and older. I, personally, am very expressionate, and had a static line forming at 22. Being hereditarily dry and from a loud and animated European family – we all have it, including my cousin in college. I was determined, I was going to break the wrinkly cycle! I amped up my skincare to expensive collagen building serums, retinoids and heavy-duty firming masks. Did I see a difference, yes – if I was committed everyday and never took one night off. Did it eliminate them? No. I couldn’t keep up with my $360 serum, $290 moisturizer, and $60 mask every few months….and then Botox started knocking on the door. With the help of a co-worker who assured me I had fallen into the trap that many do thinking Botox was the bad b word, I gained up the courage to try it once. I mentally told myself, “just once”, just to see, and voila!! The wrinkle was gone in a few days! I ended up spending less money in the long run, and saw results never achievable with Skincare. I couldn’t believe it! Was it really that easy?!?


Yes! The answer is yes, it’s that easy (kind of). Just like color for your hair, it’s hard to find one person you like – and when you have found them, hold on like a child to Santa. I was extremely lucky to find an amazing injector (and co-worker) that treats exactly what I need and gives me natural results that last over 3 months. Finding someone that knows your muscle strengths and weaknesses is imperative for your experience. Also, if you are think info Botox I place of your facelift, think again. Botox will do wonders, but only if you catch it early. Because I started treating in my late 20’s (and now will never stop!) I will never get winkles on my forehead or around my eyes.Of coarse, I will always use my good Skincare to not only make my Botox last longer, but I can now address other issues like spots and uneven skin tone. The future me will age gracefully, and nobody will ever know my little secret, except those of you reading this LOL!

botox ashHere is my personal before and after! 

Not sure if it’s time to start looking into Botox? Schedule a complimentary consultation to meet with our injector and co-owner of Millefiori in Historic Downtown Melbourne to see if Botox is right for you. (321) 821-4778.

Till next time Melbourne!

Love the skin you’re in 🙂


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Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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