Injectables: 6 Tips for First Timers

Injectables can be scary for first time clients. Here are my 6 tips to know before getting injectables for the first time. Everyone wants to

Wait? Organic, From the Sea Skincare? OSEA

Did you know that skincare can come from the sea? Meet Osea. Millefiori’s only vegan, all-natural skincare brand made from ingredients found in our very

The 101 on Laser Skin Resurfacing

We are thrilled to announce that Millefiori is now offering laser skin resurfacing with the C02RE laser. C02RE is a highly advanced and versatile laser

TNS Serum
My Favorite Anti-Aging Tool- TNS Serum

Many people who are familiar with the skin care world know what you’re talking about when you mention SkinMedica’s TNS serum. However if you’re new