3 Reasons Millennials are Flocking to Microneedling


3 Reason Millennials are Flocking to Microneedling

I’m almost 30… GASP!!! Remember that plague of adult acne I was battling with earlier in the year… Thankfully it has come to an end for me! But I cannot stop the skincare there… so I’ve been prepping my skin for the next skin care rejuvenation… microneedling!

What & Why Microneedling

Microneedling is an all natural treatment for anti-aging concerns; also known as collagen induction therapy which is a procedure that causes controlled micro-injuries to promote the skin’s natural healing response.

At Millefiori we use a device called the Rejuvapen. This device stimulates and regenerates the skin to effectively improve pore size, tone and texture, while rebuilding the elasticity and collagen. Which is PERFECT since that pesky acne left me with some scarring.

Acne Scarring

I’m sure we all have a bit of scarring we are not thrilled about. My main area of concern with scarring is mostly on my cheeks. Where I now have a combination of boxcar and ice pick scarring. To the naked eye, some may not notice it but to me… it’s an issue that makes me feel uneasy about leaving the house bare face.  Microneedling

Thankfully with microneedling, this treatment can actually treat acne scarring by triggering the collagen to rebuild filling in those scars making it a permanent fix! Being of an olive complexion, (I am Dominican) I have always suffered from PIH (post inflammatory hyper pigmentation) aka dark spots left on my face after a blemish pops up. These spots can linger years after the blemish has healed – so this is also on the list that microneedling will banish!  Isn’t that fantastic?!

All through my 20’s I’ve wanted something to help correct the reminder of acne that partied on my face and now I’ve found the golden ticket!

Enlarged Pores

MicroneedlingWith acne comes enlarged pores. Your pores are creating excessive oil which can make your pores appear more noticeable on the face. Thankfully with the micro needling, the pores will actually shrink.

The treatment process dries out the pores creating less oil production which causes LESS acne (yay)!! Say bye bye to those enlarged pores on the nose, cheek and chin, because they are  starring in treatment movie “Honey the Rejuvapen Shrunk the Pores” 😉  This also means I can ditch the ‘pore correcting’ primers and wear less makeup, letting my skin breathe!


Fine Lines

A new area of concern I’ve noticed lately, are the fine lines around my lips thanks to my smiling face. There’s always something to smile about! I’m pretty much like Will Ferral in Elf “I love to smile” haha

However this has caused fine lines where I notice my makeup collect. As we age, gravity flips our “triangle of youth” into an upside down triangle due to our collagen loss. This results in flattened cheeks, more noticeable smile lines and a sagging jaw line. YUCK.

With microneedling, the treatment will soften the fine lines & give off that airbrush complexion. The best part is the treatment is safe for sensitive areas so the crepe-like texture under the eyes is NO match again the Rejuvapen.

Microneedling is a great treatment to kick start anti-aging concerns that can become visible in the late twenties or early thirties. Preventative skin care is always the best kind of skin care. I could seriously go on and on in regards to micro needling benefits but the proof is truly in the pudding!Microneedling

Schedule your complimentary consultation to learn why micro needling with the Rejuvapen is ideal and beneficial to keep your youthful face!

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Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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