3 Products For Adult Acne


3 Products to Control Adult Acne

When I graduated high school 11 years ago – there were two main things I was super excited to put in the past… horrible cafeteria food and break outs! Unfortunately, leaving the high school days behind me only eliminated the cafeteria food because I’m still battling the break outs. It seems like it came back with a vengeance as I approach thirty.

Of course there are so many factors that can lead to breaking out: hormones, stress, makeup, pollution, dirty techy items… The list is never ending which can result in a very frustrated face! Another factor that many are unaware of is over cleansing your face – especially if you’re in love with the Clarisonic like I am!

Before Ashley graced my life with her fabulous knowledge and skills, I was using my Clarisonic twice a day. Even when I had active breakouts and with the wrong type of products. DOUBLE WHAMMY! I was so obsessed with getting that squeaky clean feeling that I was stripping my skin of its natural oil which in results triggers a panic reaction with the oil glands sending them into overdrive. Over producing oils that would end up pooling on the skin becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. Gross!

Adult Acne


What I was dealing with is usually classified as “adult acne” – are you kidding me? Being an adult is already a job in itself, but dealing with acne on top of it is not fun. My breakouts were related to hormonal acne because the location, shape and sensation that tends to be minor pimples and even those awful ones under the skin that are cystic and sensitive to touch.

I know it’s easier said than done, but do not pop any regardless if it seems manageable. Especially the cystic type, those will spread under the skin and likely to leave a scar and/or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH); absolutely painful. I would get these breakouts plus the reminder on my face of where the break out was due to the lingering pigment that stayed for a couple months. A constant haunting. LOL

I know I’m not alone in this battle and that’s comforting but I’m curious what everyone else is doing to battle it? There’s only so much one can buy and use before losing hope, I remember constantly purchasing a new “kit” from the major makeup stores to help solve this problem. I pretty much had revamp my skin care to solve my face problems.  Thank goodness I found out about Skinceuticals – this medical grade skin care is phenomenal.

There is no real “kit” to help battle acne or any skin care issues, everyone is different and has different concerns that’s why a customized skin care package really gave my skin a new glow and bounce back from the darkness of adult acne. Below are my favorite top three products that I turned to and seen an incredible change to my skin. THANK GOODNESS!

Phlortein CF

Phlortein CF – my morning antioxidant that prevents cellular damage from UVA and UVB radiation while improving the appearance of any fine lines and wrinkles. This serum has also help dimish the appearance of my brown stubborn PIH while accelerating the cellular turnover to retexture the skin. It’s a great addition to my sunscreen, protecting internally and externally.

Blemish + Age Defense

Blemish + Age Defense – this is my holy grail to defending off the plague that’s throwing a party on my face! The serum reduces acne causing P.acnes bacteria, excess sebum production, and blotchiness, blemishes and evens skin tone while still decongesting clogged pores. It’s a bottle of liquid gold in my opinion! It has both alpha and beta hydroxy acid formulation the still target acne but also exfoliates and reduces the fine lines and wrinkles! (WINNING)



Retinol – my night cream weapon of choice – the retinol! I use this product to help spot treat when I have an uprooting pimple and the week before my cycle. I will apply it to the entire jawline area. I’ve noticed this has drastically helped; the retinol helps stimulate cell regeneration and build collagen to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While it’s correcting blemishes and blotchiness, it’s also working at the same time to help with minimizing the appearance of pore size. Just what every girl likes to hear!!


In junction to these products, I use a gentle cleanser but most importantly. I keep my skin hydrated with a good moisturizer and protect it with my SPF. Keeping your skin hydrated is major key to healthy skin – if your skin is oily, it’s still important to use a moisturizer. Your oil production could be overcompensating for the lack of water which in turns can cause the break outs.

Obviously, there are still the occasional PMS breakouts but thankfully there’s a way to keep it at bay. Your skin cells can regenerate anywhere from 27 to 35 days. So I highly recommend receiving facials or chemical peels every 4 to 6 weeks to keep the dead skin from building up, which creates issues on the pretty face.

We are always here for your skincare needs; schedule your skin care consultation at Millefiori.

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Iris Kelley

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