3 Ways Facials are Beneficial to All Skincare Services


3 Ways Facials are Beneficial to All Skincare Services

Look Your Best

Millefiori facials are so relaxing. OK, yes, I’m bias. But ask anyone who’s been to the office. It’s like a massage, pedicure, dermatologist check and talk with your bestie all at the same time! Our facials give results in the most enjoyable setting possible – but did you know that facials are the best way to get more out of aggressive treatments? If you are looking for real results, combining facials with fillers, Botox, laser or collagen induction (micro-needling) is literally THE WHOLLY GRAIL! Ready to sign up yet?

Facials Build Collagen

Just imagine a piece of beautiful, soft Italian leather. (oooooh man, I can,smell it). Now imagine that leather as it ages if you don’t take care of it. The oils dry up, it starts to crack, and becomes dull, looking old and feeling older.  THIS IS YOUR SKIN!! Or just a great example of your skin. Facials cannot give you volume like fillers. But if your skin is in poor condition or health, congrats! – You just plumped crackly, dull, dry skin. That’s why facials are the perfect service to pair with more aggressive services like fillers, Botox, or laser. The pairing of the two is like PB&C (c for chocolate). Yeah, you can have it on it’s own, but it is sooooo much better together.

Botox Will Last Longer with Facials

Example two. I love my Botox. I am addicted in all the right ways. I shout from the rooftops at people ! who say Botox clients look fake (it’s literally impossible with just Botox). It is so easy to get the procedure done and maintain –  it may be the best value on the skincare market for the guaranteed results. So you come in and see Iris to get Botox but decide against skincare treatments. No facials, no peels, no masking, NOTHIN!…. The Botox will work, the wrinkle will soften, but your skin health, the LOOK of your skin didn’t change.Facials

Spend Less Money Overall

And lets talk about money. We all want more out of our dollars, me included. Did you know facials and skincare services give you more longevity out of more expensive services like laser and injectables? Yes, you will be saving money in the long run and look better doing it!


So why am I talking about this? Because July marks our third year in business and we are having a sale!!! A sale you say??? Yes, a sale! A sale on our most popular services including micro-needling, fillers and Botox, laser and …. facials! So you have an opportunity to stock up on my fabulous services PLUS Iris’s treatments to give you that WOW factor for a lower price.


Thinking of starting a neFacialsw skincare regimen or feeling like your daily routine isn’t getting you where you want to be, come see us! We are here Tuesday through Saturday for  free consultations. We don’t make promises, we make a plan, and make sure your results are guaranteed. (321) 821-4778.


Till Next Time Melbourne!
Love the Skin You’re In!


Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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