4 Effects Colder Weather has on Our Skin

colder weather

4 Effects Colder Weather has on Our Skin

Ahh, our first cold front finally arrived this weekend with come colder weather. Hallelujah! I didn’t know if I was going to make it this year, as it seemed like summer was never-ending! Ok, I was that weirdo in jeans, riding boots and my homemade beanie from my mother-in-law (she is amazing with crochet) when it was a chilly 70 degrees – but I’m sorry, that’s cold when there’s a 15 mph breeze and the low has been in the 80’s for 7 months! The colder weather felt AH-mazing on my face while I forced my hubby to do a fall activity at the corn maze in Mount Dora.

Colder Weather
Corn maze

But once I got in my car after having some festive fun, my face felt tighter than a model’s tush and I had all I could do to not like my lips off. I had used my usual routine that morning but something told me I should have broken out my winter regimen for skin and not just my one box of sweaters and scarfs for the occasion.

Our colder weather till December is probably laughable but most of us were either born here or like me, migrated south years ago so our blood has definitely thinned. Just as our body gets used to our humid hot weather, so does our skin – and man could I feel it this weekend when it was gone!

Skin Tightness

The first thing I noticed was the overall tightness after being outside for a couple hours. Tightness usually = greatness! But when it’s dry tightness, it means *insert Game of Thrones British accent here* WINTER’S COMING! And I didn’t prep my skin with enough barrier or hydration Sunday morning.


By that evening I noticed the tip of my nose being a little flaky – probably from my constant nose blowing and dry breezy conditions. Fabulous! My lightweight fluid for daytime is usually perfect for all day but not with an abrupt cool down and drop in humidity it seemed. Monday I was ready and prepped by switched to my heavier Skinceuticals Triple Lipid that I won at our last conference – but by then the colder weather went away just as fast as it came. One application though and it did nip my peely nose and tight face in the bud. I decided to leave the heavy cream in arms reach, just in case fall decides to grace us with its presence again soon *hopefully!*.

Chapped Lips

Chapped lips is the first thing usually you’ll feel when your body is dehydrated and not protected from the colder weather. Colder weather and a nice sea breeze always = dry lips within a day for me. Why didn’t I put on my almond oil Millefiori chap stick?! Because I was trying to look cute for my date day and possible corn maze selfies and decided to roc

Colder Weather
Phyto Corrective Mask

k a dark plum lipstick instead.

Umm hello – don’t you remember? I had lip filler a few months ago – I’m not wasting this luscious pout on a nude chap stick! I got creative Sunday night because I could not stand the way it almost hurt to open my mouth at dinner. I applied the Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Mask thick with a q-tip all over my mouth before going to bed and immediately felt relief. I had to forgo my good night kiss with Eric (which he probably appreciated since he looked at me like I was nuts) but I was back to normal the next day. I did apply chap stick under my gloss on Monday just in case – I don’t think I could handle another hour of me playing with my lip dry patches with my tongue. (WHAT, DON’T JUDGE – YOU KNOW YOU DO IT TOO!)

Tired Look

Luckily, I go with heavy eye cream year around or my eyes would have probably been a mess as well. I’ve had quite a few skiers come home to Florida and say they think they aged 10 years in their eyes because they didn’t go heavier around their eyes. Our eye zone treatment incorporates a collagen mask and the Clarisonic Opal and is so amazing for anti-aging and allergies. But the #1 benefit from the 20 minute add on is all about the hydration. I’ve always been crazy about my eye area so this was the one time my naroticness payed off. Score!


I stress to our patients everyday – our skin is like rest of our body and changes day to day based on nutrition, stress, and THE ENVIROMENT! If you eat the same thing every day, eventually you will lack in something. Same with our skin! You must change your products as our weather becomes cooler. Remember – October through April is why we truly live here! You just gotta embrace the cooler change with a little extra skincare love J

Think you felt the same affects this weekend but don’t have an arsenal of heavy duty correctors? It’s ok, you can be just as lucky and have the right tools for your skin – no matter the season. Book a facial or custom consultation with Iris and I and we can ensure you are all set for the chilly season coming our way. (321) 821-4778 or email us at We look forward to seeing you soon and sharing our 15+ years of knowledge with you to look and feel your best!

Till next time Melbourne!
Love the skin you’re in.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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