The #4 lesson learned in the last 10 years in the skincare and makeup industry

#4 Masking Makes A Difference

The benefits behind facial masks have been revealed!

So you use all the appropriate skincare, with the lineup of serums, retinol, and brighteners. So that should correct all your spots, ensure not a single pore shows up on your t-zone, and you will never get a wrinkle, right? Wrong. There’s actually something missing in this seemingly perfect routine, and it is the facial mask.


Facial masks provide deep nourishment and correction to the skin. So why do many of us neglect this step in our skincare routine? Because it takes time—something that is a luxury to most of us, and sometimes 15 minutes seems like an eternity to dedicate to a skin product. Not many of us are looking for ways to add time to our routine, but as soon as you get on a once-a-week routine of application, you will never live without this little pampering tool.

Sometimes, the action of taking a few moments to yourself does wonders for your psyche. Adding this extra dimension to your skincare routine gives you a slight relaxation effect of a spa, giving you something a little bit out of the ordinary. Many of my patients tell me how much the papering they receive during our treatment refreshes their attitude, get them reenergized, and gets them started towards a brighter day. Part of that reason is that they have taken a moment for themselves. I mask every Sunday, while I am doing housework. I leave the product on my skin for roughly 20 minutes while doing chores and such, and then rinse. I also, if am extremely dehydrated, sleep in my mask for additional hydration benefits and deeper penetration. This same application can be used in other ways. For example, I have told patients of mine who have had important functions (like a Bride on her wedding day) to spot treat with a clay mask and sleep with it on overnight. I’ve told others to fly with de-sensitizing masks on for psoriasis and eczema protection. The benefits behind facial masks are limitless!

mask 2

Masks can be used to moisturize, detoxify, increase circulation, eliminate oil and replenish nutrients. You want a mask that is going to fill the needs of your skin, preferably recommended by your esthetician to ensure the correct product is being used. Too many times have I seen a patient who insists they need a clay mask, but really they need a hydrating mask. This is the number one reason why people do not see dramatic benefits from masks, and skincare in general; because they are using the wrong things.

The following list is a breakdown of common skin concerns and appropriate masks to address these issues:

Dry skin – A hydrating mask is best for this skin type. These usually stay a creamy consistence, and should not dry or crust on the skin. They usually containing hyaluronic acid, or a component of lactic acid. Other common ingredients to look for in a hydrating mask is pomegranate, urea, banana, coconut oil, shea butter, honey, and kiwi.

Acne prone – A clay, hardening mask is best for someone who is acne or oily prone. This can also fall into patients looking to condense pore size. These usually go on like a cream, and then begin to dry and crack over a period of minutes. Areas that are extremely oily (like the T-Zone or around a breakout) may not dry as quickly. Allow the whole area to dry, including the breakouts, and then rinse. These usually contain a clay as their carrying agent, but should also contain salicylic or glycolic acid, sulfur, lemon, or other common drying ingredients. Products like the Skinceutical Clay Mask is great with a combination of alpha-hydroxy acids to exfoliate and refine, earth clays to absorb oil, and aloe and chamomile to calm the skin. Summertime in Florida is the most common time for clay masks to be used, but with our humidity level, for acne prone skin, clay masks can be used year around.

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Aging-Sagging Skin– A hydrating mask (see dry skin) will help with premature aging skin due to dehydration, but firming masks will help tighten loose, sagging skin. These usually are applied as a cream mask, and can either harden into a plaster like substance or stay creamy, depending on the product chosen. For someone who is extremely dry, I suggest one that stays a creamy product. The firming masks that harden are a patient favorite, due to the instant feeling of a mini-face lift. These usually contain peptides, antioxidants, QU10 and oxygen as the most common anti-aging ingredients.

Sensitive/Red Skin– Sensitive skin is hard to treat, due to the sensitivity of common preservatives, active ingredients, dyes and fragrance. I always suggest a patient who is truly sensitive to patch test a mask to ensure reactions are controllable. Sensitive skin masks traditionally are creamy or gel, and should never harden like a clay or firming mask. Patients should look for paraben free, fragrance free and dye free, and ingredients common to these type of masks are green mica, aloe, chamomile, and milk. The Skinceutical Biocellulose Restorative Mask is extremely calming with biocellulose fibers to build collagen around veins to reduce redness and restore depleted nutrients to restore the skin. We at Millefiori use this mask after our deeper and more aggressive peels or for patients who have dermatological issues, and is great to use during the winter and allergy season.


At-home masks are a great way to see extra benefit from your skincare routine. Need help or suggestions for you’re at home paper time? Come see us at Millefiori Medical Skin Rejuvenation, located in historic downtown Melbourne. We always offer complimentary consultations and can make suggestions for your needs and price point. We specialize in all skin care including; tattoo removal, spa facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, botox, and dermal fillers (juvederm, radiesse, voluma, and belotero)

Till Next Time Melbourne!

Love the skin you’re in.


Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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