4 Ways A Skincare Consultation Will Subtract Years Off Your Facebook Profile Picture

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Do you go into your dentist off and tell them what type of bridge or root canal you need? Of course not! You go into the office, express your concern, and are evaluated for an effective treatment. Skincare, though it may seem different, is the same circumstance. Unfortunately, skincare is truly the wild wild west. Every company makes promises they can’t guarantee, and who is to say their product or service is the right one for you? Many people see a concern but have no idea what it really is, where it is stemming from, or how to truly tackle it. Enter: the skincare consultation.

As we age, everything changes. Things give us acid reflux that never gave us a problem before, late nights never showed for weeks, and wrinkles- that would never happen to me! As professionals, we see skin every day. We are experts within the industry and have almost 15 years’ experience with plans that work, treatments that don’t and know where your money is worth spending. Think you don’t need a consult? Read on to see 4 ways how to meeting with a professional will subtract years off your profile picture (and earn a few jealous “likes” too!).

Go through your whole wish list and really tackle your concerns.

At our complimentary consultations at Millefiori, located in downtown Melbourne, the first thing we go over is the ultimate correction. We go over your whole wish list (as if downtime, money and availability is not an issue) and all the possible corrections from surgical options to a quick facial. Getting your total wish list makes us as providers ensure we are really tackling your concerns. I cannot count the number of times I’ve seen patients who have been sold a service or product that doesn’t address their concerns because they never spoke to an expert. Or, even worse, purchased things that weren’t necessary. Don’t get stuck with a service or product that you don’t need!

Does Everything Work?
Does Everything Work?


Customize with your timeline and budget

Consultations can address a multitude of issues, but budget and time frame vary depending on the treatment plan. Getting a full consultation ensures your final result will be in the time frame you were needing. Are you getting primped and prepped for a family wedding? Nothing is worse than being in the middle of your laser package when the big day arrives! Or worse, bruised from an amazing filler treatment for headshots that have been scheduled for a month. Receiving a full consult will ensure your result can be reached in your timeline and budget.

Receive a precise treatment plan.

Skincare is a science, but there are a lot of variables that most people don’t realize. For instance, did you know prescriptions can make hyperpigmentation (dark spots) worse? Or that a simple switch of laundry detergent can cause acne, rashes or even scarring? In a full consultation at Millefiori, we go over previous treatments performed, product history use, and medical history (including prescriptions and surgical). Also diet, exercise, and social habits are evaluated at this time. All of these items can affect our largest organ – both positively and negatively. Treatments in office are important, but a full treatment plan needs to include at home care – and is an essential part of a skincare consult. We call this “comprehensive skincare” and we at Millefiori are the best in the industry at it!

Perfected Skincare
Perfected Skincare

We know how to make you look your best

Look Your Best
Look Your Best

We’re the best in the business for a reason. We have experience in a wide range of esthetic services. Our experience with makeup, color theory, skincare, medicine, and surgical corrections makes us unique and rounded from all aspects of esthetics. Sometimes the suggestion of a simple switch of foundation choice can make a drastic difference in your look. We are here to help you look and feel your best and will pass on all the knowledge we have earned to you as part of the Millefiori family.


Everyone is different. What works for some will not work for others – and many of us fall for the trap of a bottle’s promise that ended up costing time, money and confidence. Schedule a free consultation with the professionals at Millefiori and take years off your next facebook profile pic! (321) 821-4778.

Till next time Melbourne!
Love the Skin You’re In.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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