5 Reasons a Facial Package is Perfect

Facial Package

5 Reasons A Facial Package Is Perfect

‘Tis the time of year where everyone else comes first and your mind is racing 10,000 miles a minute trying to keep track of the holiday hustle. If you can eliminate one thing to remember, DO IT! In the age of Google Home, Siri, and whatever else techie toys to keep our lives on track, having something taken off your plate, that saves you money and gives you an experience to look forward to — can you say no brainer?

I see an average of 80 clients per month, many I see every 4 weeks. As a practice that is dedicated to out patient’s results and experience, a facial package falls perfectly into our mantra. Many Millefiori  family members get set up with our facial packages, but it you’ve never been to a good aesthetician, you may wonder why you would make a 6 month or year commitment. Well- wonder no more little grasshopper – because not only are you ready about to learn this valuable info and be able to get this amazing value treatment on discount for all of 2017!Facial Package

Over All Health

Have you ever gone for a facial or massage, feel amazing for a week or two, and then the shoulder knots, breakouts, and dry patches slowly return? Going for facials every 4 weeks and getting the massage, extractions, and specialty products will give your skin a chance to change. You will start to see breakouts become less frequent, pores begin to shrink, and the facial “glow” begins to more permanent. If you like the way your skin looks and feels after your first facial, just imagine what a year’s worth can do for you!

Erase Your Stress

Have you ever noticed the week of a special event (anniversary, birthday, summer vacations) nobody can knock you down? Attitude is everything in life and having an hour to relax, decompress and look forward to is key to happiness. For some its yoga, others its running – and for many its facials. “I’ve been looking forward to this all week and thinking of this is all that’s what got me through.” Having a Facial Package and booking treatments out each time makes visits stress free and valued as someone who truly deserves the feeling of true bliss!

Consistant Evaluation

A good aesthetician should be like your family doctor. We grow with you and see you change with time. Unfortunately, your skin changes too and needs help with how to manage it. Having a facial package allows for consistent evaluation of hormone changes, environmental factors and how products and treatments are affecting your skin. Where can you make sure your not developing skin health issues like cancer, get a foot massage, and catch up in downtime gossip?

Save a Ton of $$$

Facial PackageFacials are the least expensive treatments to ensure optimal skin health. That being said, their even less expensive when committing to a package! Depending on the package and service, you receive discounts, free treatments and bonus add ones that customize your service even more! None of us want to give up our luxury necessities, and now with package pricing you don’t have to!



To skincare newbie, I explain skin health is like weight and nutrition health. It is hard work and takes due diligence to truly see a change. Just as you can’t go to McDonald’s after meeting with your personal trainer and expect to see a difference. Skincare is the same way! Commitment to a facial package gives accountability to make sure you and I are working together. That your treatments and at home regimen are working for you and your lifestyle. “I wanted to go out in sun this weekend so bad but knew I would be seeing you today!” Accountability is key and committing to a facial package allows for the best results possible.

Always an email of Phone Call Away

So now that you have the top 5 reasons why you should commit to a facial package, ready to sign up? Check out our Deal Of The Month Link to see our special offers on spa facial packages and the extra benefits you’ll receive with your Millefiori family commitment!

Till Next Time Melbourne!

Love the skin you’re in.


Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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