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Exfoliate Before Shaving

Ladies and Gents, listen up! We all have suffered from ingrown hairs, painful irritation and areas of embarrassment. The good news is there is a solution for treatment and prevention of these pesky bumps.

Ingrown hairs mask themselves as pimples and pustules, most commonly under the chin and jawline, the bikini area and on the back of the upper thighs. Hairs grow out of the follicle, and are usually strong enough to poke through the layer of skin to reveal hair that we can see and feel. If we do not exfoliate, layers of dead skin start to accumulate, creating a thick barrier. This thick barrier blocks a hair follicle from growing through the skin and guides the hair to grow inward, thus creating an ingrown hair. The skin around the follicle gets inflamed, swollen, thus making our ingrown hair to look like a pimple. An ingrown hair will continue to grow until it is released and removed (traditionally from a lancet and tweezers).


Prevention of these little pesky problems is easy, but treatment isn’t overnight. Treatment with a salicylic acid treatment, like the Skinceuticals Blemish and Age Defense, retexurizes and exfoliates the skin. Daily application will help treatment progression until enough surface layer is dissolved to remove the ingrown hair. Besides treating ingrown hairs, regular exfoliation is key in preventing these bumps from starting. Using a facial or body scrub before shaving works as double duty. Not only will it remove the dead skin cell layer to ensure a smooth surface for hair growth but also give you a closer and longer lasting shave.


Little tip: Shave with the hair grain. Even though against the grain will give a smoother shave, shaving with the grain of growth cuts the hair as a blunt straight edge, making it less likely to grown backwards under the skin. These tips are especially important if you chronically suffer from ingrown hairs.

The ultimate correction of ingrown hair is to permanently kill the follicle, which equals laser. Laser hair removal is a personal, but life-changing, decision. Though pricey, it will fix the problem of unsightly and painful irritation and ingrown hairs, associated with shaving. Treatments in office, like Millefiori’s microdermabrasion and chemical peels, will also aid in severe cases and correct scarring (like dark spots) caused from ingrown hairs.

Still need help? We at Millefiori have multiple products and services that will aid in prevention and correction for both body and face ingrown hairs. Don’t suffer from embarrassment due to ingrown hairs, come to Millefiori so we can help you love the skin you’re in. As always, our consultation is free of charge, and can be booked with a same-day treatment. (321) 821-4778

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Love the skin you’re in.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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