7 Easy Steps For Clear Looking Skin

7 Easy Steps for Clear Looking Skin

I have constantly struggled with acne on and off for several years, I know how difficult it is to keep your skin looking clear. There are hundreds if not thousands of different products and “hacks” many of us encounter to try to get that glowing smooth skin.

Before These 7 Steps

Question is, does any of it actually even work? You aren’t alone if you have ever been on Google or Pinterest searching for the “acne mask remedy.” Then feel disappointed once you actually try it and it doesn’t give you clear skin in a day.

After much trial and error I’m here to tell you of a combination of ways you can get than clear glowing and actually maintain it. My skin is still a work in progress but these following tips have sincerely helped me seen a huge improvement in my skin thus far.

Drink Lots of Water

Our bodies are more than half water so why would we not need it in order to function properly? Many of the toxins that end up in our bodies can start reflecting on places such as our face, in such a way as you guessed it..acne!

By drinking plenty of water you are aiding your body to flush out those toxins, which will leave your skin looking clear. Water also hydrates your skin from the inside out which will give you that natural glow. It is said that we should all be drinking half of our body weight in water! So drink up peeps!

Eat Fresh Fruits & Veggies

I am a firm believer that we put into our bodies will be a reflection as to what the outside looks like. Most of the fresh fruits and vegetables have an enormous benefit to the skin. When we eat the rainbow, all of the different colors of fruits and vegetables we are getting most of the vitamins and minerals naturally that we need to keep our bodies in balance.

Which will keep our skin also in balance. They also help detox our bodies of the free radicals that cause inflammation, leading to acne. Plus they are also composed of water which keeps us hydrated and fresh!

After these 7 steps

Clean Your Phone, Glasses and Pillowcase

Basically clean anything and everything that comes in can and will come in contact with our faces. Many of us get stubborn acne on our cheeks or other places of the face and we think we are doing everything right, except we have forgotten this essential step.

First our phones end up everywhere from our kitchen counter to the public bathroom counter, ew! Imagine doing that for several days then talking on the phone for hours. All of the bacteria that builds up on the surface is a recipe for disaster. Even if you just text, you could be touching your face afterwards and not realize it.

Our glasses if not cleaned, hold our sweat, oil and makeup debris, if you wear it. Pillowcases are similar as well. We do sweat in our sleep and after a week, it is time to clean it!

Sleep Well 7-8 hours

Now this is one tip I am guilty of not always following. I know we can’t all be in bed by 9 or 10pm. I will say the times I do sleep enough, my skin thanks me! I wake up with smoother, more refreshed looking skin, so I know this works.

However, when I haven’t slept my skin tone has looked uneven and I see that new blemishes have decided to arrive, ugh! Also, it has been scientifically said that lack of sleep is the number one cause of acne… I know I want to cry as well.

This is because when we don’t sleep well our bodies will be stressed more due to overworking with not enough repair overnight. This stress creates our cortisol levels to rise, which in turn cause acne. We also crave more sugary foods with less sleep, the body’s way of getting more energy. These poor food choices won’t benefit the skin.

Don’t Skip Out On A Moisturizer

I am guilty of this in the past. My clients tell me they are afraid of using a moisturizer because they are “oily” and have acne prone skin, so that will make it worse. Please let me tell you this could not be farther from the truth.

Our skin will always try and find a way of helping the problem when we aren’t helping it out. This is kind of like when we sneeze as a way to get irritants out that our body doesn’t like. Well our skin will actually begin to overcompensate for the lack of hydration it gets and creates more sebum, making us look and feel more oily then we actually are.

Also, being on an acne regimen can leave us a little dry and not using a moisturizer can only irritate our skin more, causing what is called, “dry acne”. This is painful and can cause lots of inflammation and redness. So please use a moisturizer and keep that skin hydrated, trust me you will see a difference.

One of my favorites, is the Hydrating b5 gel by Skinceuitcals. It is very lightweight and will not clog your pores.

Face is Clean and Clear!!

Get Regular Facials

Yes we have talked about our at home skincare which is wonderful. However this is not quite enough to fully have that clear skin we all want. We need to let the professionals do their magic.

A facial is a wonderful spa treatment that requires little to no downtime and is VERY relaxing. I can customize a proper way to exfoliate your skin to help get rid of dead skin. While at the same time lessens your acne. We let the steam open your pores and prepare your face for extractions. The best part about a facial if you want that clear, smooth skin.

Love Yourself

This is my last tip. It definitely doesn’t mean it is the least important. I find this to be the most tip of all. As a person who has personally struggled with loving who I am as my skin seemed to hate me, I know it is easier to say this then do it.

No matter what your skin looks like today, at this moment, know that this can be fixed and it doesn’t have to be permanent. There is a solution and yes it may take some time to find the right regimen that is for your skin type.

But love yourself in the process no matter what. This is your skin journey. Be positive, our emotions can also reflect how we look on the outside. Even if you are stressed out that can only lead to more acne, a vicious cycle that I don’t want anyone to keep enduring. When we are positive these emotions can make our acne a little less severe as well. So be happy and get ready to share your story as well one day!

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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