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Eye Cream – Your New BFF
It’s never too early for eye cream! Really, it’s true. I started using an eye cream on my 18th birthday, and even that was too late.

The orbital area (around the eyes) is the first place on the face to age. Yes, that’s right, those little pesky squinting lines are just the first of many. The skin is extra thin, sensitive to products or movement, and has constant movement from facial expressions. All of this combined creates a perfect storm for accelerated aging, something eye creams can help balance and restore.




Eye creams are created for multiple reasons. 1) Facial cream ingredients are too heavy – with possibly causing more drooping and creasing 2)Eye creams are formulated to penetrate the thin skin and eliminate the possibility of milia – they look like little whiteheads near the eye or on the eyelid 3)Eye creams can assist with the flow of fluid retention, sometimes associated with puffiness and dark circles All these reasons, and more make an eye cream a necessary step for skin health and should be a part of your daily routine.

How do you put this magical gold on? It’s not like the rest of your skincare products, therefore you do not apply the same way either! Eye creams are to be applied with your ring finger, the finger that applies the least amount of pressure with still having control. You apply a very small amount (usually around a pea size) on your finger, start at the temple and tap your way toward the inner corner of the eye. Tap quickly to assist with blood circulation (goodbye dark circles!) until the product is no longer visible, but still dewy. General rule on eye products is begin with once a day, to get the skin tolerant to products in the area, and work up to Am & PM use. Gel’s are a great starting point, due to the lightweight texture. Creams are better for a dryer, more mature and aged orbital area, and is what everyone should eventually graduate to. Either product should contain peptides, collagen stimulation, or antioxidants for skin health.



Already using an eye cream and feel you need a little more? Just like the face, the eye area has special serums as well for correction and collagen production. High end lines, like SkinCeuticals AOX Eye Gel, offer eye serums to go underneath your eye cream to build elasticity, help with fine lines, and add hydration not given by your current cream. Always work thinnest to thickest with products to allow optimal penetration

The eye zone sometimes needs a little special attention and love, which is why us at Millefiori offer an eye zone treatment as an add on to any service in the spa. Treatments like these include special exfoliation products to assist with cellular turnover, hydrating masks for dryness and scaling skin, a lymphatic draining massage for puffiness and serums and creams for instant retexturizing. If the eye area is one of your main concerns, treatments like this are an absolute must at your spa visits!



Come by our office to try our products for the eye area and see why these little jars will make all the difference in your anti-aging routine. Millefiori- 833 E New Haven Ave in historic downtown Melbourne.

Love the skin you’re in Melbourne!

Til next time 🙂


Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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