8 Best Ways to Avoid Tattoo Removal

The 8 Best Ways to Avoid Tattoo Regret from The Tattoo Removal Expert

Ah…memories. Time to flip through the photo albums. There is your semester abroad, your wedding day, and that honeymoon in the Caribbean. Just as you are thinking damn I look amazing in a bikini you release there is a funny black mark on the photo. What is that funny shadow? Just as you are blaming that new DSLR camera you realize that is your “tramp stamp” that you got right after high school graduation and had forgotten all about. At the time, it was a great idea to permanently brand yourself with a tribal butterfly, but now the time has changed.

iris tattoo
Iris Getting her Tattoo

As some of you may know I just started on some ink on my arm. It was amazing how many people thought it was a joke, but no, I did just start a new piece that should be done in a few months. But let me let you in on a few secrets how to avoid a mistake and then having to start a tattoo removal session with me!

You are not alone if you already have some ink that you would like to erase. According to the IBIS world, tattoo removal has grown 444% in the past 10 years. But it avoids this process all together you just need to think before you ink.

Stay Sober

Nothing good will ever come of getting a tattoo under the influence. You will never make a clear choice. And in most cases being sloppy drink will only hinder your experience since you will become more annoying to anyone in the shop. Especially the artist.

Auto Spell Check

I cannot say this enough but please do your research and check the spelling and meaning of words and symbols before you commit to a design. This is especially true if you are utilizing a different language you know nothing about. There is nothing worse than when you think you are getting a beautiful romantic word in French and it translates to “I love cheese”


Don’t be Impulsive

Put some thought into this permanent piece of art. Just because you think that butterfly on the wall is really pretty, doesn’t mean that you are still going to like it 20 years later. The best thing is to make sure it means something and you will not grow tired of it over time. #YOLO may be cool today but may be confusing in 20 years. Pick something that will be timeless and relevant to you no matter what age.

Big Mistake
Big Mistake needed Tattoo Removal

Try it on

It’s always good to try things before you commit to a big purchase. Tattoos are just the same. You can actually make custom temporary tattoos and wear them for a while. Check out the website


Think about becoming Chubby

Why do you think that I decided to tattoo my upper arm? We all say that we will make sure to keep in shape but over the years its inevitable to lose or gain weight at some point. That tattoo is going to stretch as well. Watch out for fatty areas, or if you are brave throw caution to the wind and tattoo your entire stomach.


The artist’s matters

Do some research and find an artist that is a good fit for you. Take into consideration the reputation of the shop, the credentials and portfolio of the artist, department of health standards, and reviews online. Also, know if there is a specific style that you are looking for you want to find an artist that is comfortable with the piece. A good consultation should answer most of these questions.


Love may not be forever

Your significant other name is never a good idea. You may think that you are the exception to the rule, but let me tell you the truth about half of my clients are removing a tattoo that is connected to an ex-lover. They all have the same story at the time it was a good idea and never thought they would need to get it removed. Sometimes love does go bad.


Location, Location, Location

If you have a job interview in a professional environment where tattoos may not be accepted can you cover it. If you are considering anything on the hands, neck, and face the answer is no. You may want to think long and hard about the placement.


If you are getting this advice a little too late and already have a tattoo that you regret. Check out the tattoo removal page for more info on our PicoSure Laser.




Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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