Angel Wings

When I was 17 I was too cool for school and thought I was the best thing since sliced bread. I grew up in Satellite Beach, Florida, a small beach town. One night I was drinking with some friends at a house when a buddy of mine said he just bought a tattoo machine. Being the cool guy I was I jumped at the opportunity to get Angel wings on my back. I wish I could rewind the hands of time on this decision. Luckily for me, Iris at Millefiori has been helping me getting this tattoo removed.

A little more information about this hideous tattoo:

  1. This tattoo was supposed to be eagle wings, oops
  2. The Angel wings are lopsided
  3. The lines on the right side of the wings do not match up with the left wing.
  4. They are not sized the same

Angel Wings Tattoo

I am 25 years old with a two year old son. I want this Tattoo removed because of my son. I want to be a proud role model and telling him about how I got this disgusting tattoo is something I dread. I researched for two years for tattoo removal and when the Picosure came on the market I was sold! I knew I wanted to get this tattoo removed no matter what the costs. I looked around and was quoted $5000-$7000 at a place in Miami. I called Millefiori and they were very helpful and were sympathetic to my situation.

The price is worth it ten times over. Iris called me 3 days after to see how my healing process was going. Best decision of my life was to get these Angel wings off my back at Millefiori.

Update 12/13/2014

I recently have had my second treatment and could not be happier. The pain gets easier to deal with after the first session. I am very excited to be getting rid of this mistake from the past.

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