Anti Aging- What Age to Start Thinking?

Anti Aging

When is too early to start using anti-aging?

Anti Aging is the new black. Let’s face the fact that we are all aging, and none of us want to be that one person who looks years older than everyone else at their 10 year high school reunion. But if you’re under 30, is it too soon to start thinking of anti aging? Are you supposed to be coming back to the dorm from a night out to slather on thick creams made for grandma? And even if you do, where is there to go from there when the lines really start to creep in?

Anti Aging Differences?

Anti aging is different for everyone, which is why I hate skincare kits and automatic plug and chug plans for skincare. Some of us (as I raise my hand quietly) baked in the sun thinking the darker the better and early signs of aging started at the ripe old age of 19. Others are blessed and have little aging signs at 40 due to genetics, taking proper care of the skin topically and consume a healthy diet. The answer of when is too early is variable (I know, horrible answer).


It’s never too early to think of anti aging, but thinking of it in stages is key. Doing things, whether it be in office treatments or products at home, that aren’t necessary can cause some concerns like breakouts, milia and elongated pores. So where do you begin, because we all want to make sure we look like Christie Brinkley at 60…..

Anti aging

Anti Aging Cures!!

Anti agingAntioxidants! No matter the age (think college freshman age for starting these though) antioxidants are a must for anyone thinking of anti aging. They’re like a multivitamin, sunblock and anti-aging serum wrapped all in one! Patients that are looking to ensure their skin is healthy is an ABSOLUTE MUST. Youthful audience magazines like Allure and In-Style now have a “best antioxidant” category for their annual best of list, because like I said before, anti aging is now super sexy too! It is apparent who uses an antioxidant and who hasn’t when evaluating elasticity, pore size, wrinkles and brown spots, so this is where the anti aging train should begin. Don’t fret is you started elsewhere, but do your future face a favor and start on one ASAP! (don’t just pick one out, make sure you come into the office for a customized recommendation for best results)

Botox! If I had a quarter for every time someone said to me “I’m too young for Botox, that’s like a 50’s thing” I would have my own island with a very well built tanned man bringing me strawberry daiquiris on the hour. THERE IS NO AGE RANGE FOR BOTOX! Some people are dealt the short end of the stick like me and inherited an expressive wrinkly mess of a forehead (thanks grandma!). Us poor souls see static wrinkles as early as the teenage years. Am I saying give your 16 year old a dose of Botox with her driving permit? NO! What I am saying is certain people could use it earlier than others. I started in my mid-twenties along my forehead and have added my crow’s feet this past year now that they’ve joined the wrinkle club. Other’s I know are blessed with movement out the wazoo but don’t have a line to speak of. Good for you! Make sure you have an antioxidant to keep it that way J

Eye creams! Eye creams are like the antioxidant category. It’s never too early to use an eye cream, but making sure you find the right kind for young skin is imperative for anti aging without going backwards. Eye creams that are too heavy can actually pull the skin downward, creating a slightly more enhanced circle or wrinkle. They also can cause congestion like milia if not introduced slowly to the tender under eye skin. Eye gels (THE AOX EYE IS MY FAV!) is an amazing place to start on the eye cream road – that’s where Iris started her eye cream journey and never looked back. Eye creams are not optional if you are looking at an anti aging regimen, so get on one STAT if you’re not already using this little miracle.Anti Aging

Intense Treatment

Lasers, Peels and Microneedling – oh my! Anti aging treatments like these are amazing – as long as you need it. Coming to a facility like ours is awesome because we customize your treatment plan. We don’t just put you in a certain service because of an age group or skin type. Most patients that are doing more aggressive services like these have been on the above anti-aging routines and need a pick me up or corrective regimen for an issue. These are amazing and can prevent surgery down the line and a fraction of the cost. Again, no particular starting age but your 30’s and 40’s is when you should be more seriously looking at these types of services. If you’re like me and narcotic about sun spots from your lifeguard days, you start when your 26.


If you are reading this and questioning if it’s too soon for anti aging, you’re probably needing it. Starting later wouldn’t really constitute the regimen as “ANTI” aging. It would be more “correcting” aging. People who take care of their skin early (and I mean take their skin vitamins, wear SPF, use creams and don’t sleep in makeup) are at such an advantage later, it’s like comparing my running skills to Usain Bolt. The key is finding the right products and services for you to keep your skin looking it’s best.

Ready to start an anti aging routine and join the big girls club? Come into our office and receive a customized skincare plan, perfect for you. We are here to make you feel your absolute best. And remember, you are only gifted one skin to live in, take care of it and love it! We would love to meet you. Call us at (321) 821-4778 Tuesday through Friday for your complimentary consultation and come see why we are the #1 medical skincare practice of Central Florida.

Till next time Melbourne!
Love the skin you’re in.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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