Antioxidants – The Magical Key?

When it comes to anti-aging ingredients, the antioxidant is king. Not only do they combat free-radical damage that causes visual and underlying damage, they also prevent future damage from occurring. We all think of sunscreens as the top dog of preventing damage created from environmental factors, but the long lost cousin, the antioxidant, actually reigns over the popular SPF.

Our bodies are complicated places. As you read this, millions of free radicals are fighting a war between your cells. Free radicals are naturally born without an electron, and look for weak cells (from environmental choices like sun, smoke and poor diet) to gain that component, making damaged cells free radicals too. Free radicals are a part of life, but an overabundance can create premature aging and health issues including chronic and degenerative diseases. Antioxidants work by suppressing free radicals, lowering your risk of free radicals and in turn, lowering your risk of heart attacks, blood pressure, cancers and even wrinkles!freeradicals


During the daytime here in Melbourne, antioxidants and sunscreen combinations create a strong defense against many signs of aging – wrinkles, sun spots, dullness, etc. But at night, this powerful little product gives your skin a dose of superpower, promoting cellular repair, turnover and healing.



Luckily, antioxidants are everywhere, including here in downtown Melbourne at Millefiori! You can find them in food, vitamins and even topical products! Berries, apples, red wine, dark chocolate, kale and kidney beans are all high in a variety of antioxidants to fight oxidation.








In regards to topical products, SkinCeuticals is #1 for antioxidant protection and correction. Being one of the first medical skincare lines to research and incorporate antioxidants at a high potency, SkinCeuticals has the edge in the industry, proven to prevent reoccurring damage, as well as correct previous damage from the inside out.  Revolutionary combinations, such as resveratrol with vitamin c and e, feurilic acid with vitamin c and phloretin, as well as other pairings, are the first of their kind and have been patented for alternative options but equally effective in comparison to prescriptions that cause sensitivity and side effects.





So are antioxidants the magical key to feeling young, looking younger, and staying healthier longer? Science has proven a combination of antioxidants and sunscreens daily make a dramatic impact in your skin health and appearance. It is much easier to maintain than to correct, but it is never too early or too late to start using an antioxidant, and turn back the clock and reverse years of unhealthy choices.

Here at Millefiori, we carry all of SkinCeutical’s antioxidants, to address every skin type and concern. From building the density of the skin to evening out sun damage spots and acne scars, this line has it all! Stop by Millefiori today, in historic downtown Melbourne, for your free consultation and to find out which antioxidant is best for you! (321) 821-4778.

Till next time Melbourne!
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Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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