Bridal Skin Care- A Professional’s Personal Plan

Bridal Skin Care

Wedding Skincare Routine

So I get asked quite often what I personally do for my own skin. I wanted to take some time and share some of my “secrets” to success with my skin.  Especially since my wedding date is right around the corner. I am currently doing what we in the industry call skincare boot camp. I will give you the breakdown that I am doing to make sure that my skin is picture perfect on the most important day.

Bridal Skin Care







First things first, planning is essential. Just like with all other aspects of a wedding you want to make sure you have a plan. I met with our skincare expert Ashley in the office and we started with the wedding date and then worked backwards to determine treatment dates and a timeline. There is nothing worse than doing an aggressive skincare treatment right before you engagement photos or bridal shower and having irritated skin.


I cannot stress this enough. Image that you hired this amazing trainer and worked really hard once a week, but the rest of the week you did nothing. Do you think that you will get good results? NO! Skincare is the same. You cannot expect to do a few treatments in the office and walk out perfect, you have to put the time in at home with medical grade products. In our office, Millefiori in downtown Melbourne, we carry the line skinceutical. I had personally tried a few of their products in the past and was impressed and that’s what made the decision to bring it into the office. Now I use it religiously. I have very sensitive skin so for a cleanser I use the Gentle Cleanser which is amazing and smells like fresh oranges. Its creamy and helps cleans as well as hydrate the skin. For a moisturizer I use the Hydrating B5 gel- this give great moisturizer without feeling too heavy in the florida humidity, it also has hylouroanic acid with helps plump the skin and make it supple. The two most important steps to any skincare line are an antioxidant and exfoliation. For my antioxidant I use the CE Furlic– this is one of the main products the skinceutical line was founded on. It is a medical grade Vit C serum that help protect against damage and aging of the skin. At night for exfoliation I use another serum called the retexturing activator. This help with the texture of the skin to make sure its super smooth and helps to refine the pores. Lastly, I finish up my routine with a sunscreen. Skinceuticals has a great matte finish SPF that just came out this year which I Love, it have the benefits of zinc but goes on like a makeup primer.









SkinCare Treatments

So now onto the treatments. Just like with any other part of your wedding your skincare will be customized to your skin needs. Here is my exact plan below. Again we started with the wedding day and worked backward. The sooner you start planning the more you will be able to fit in. Call the experts today for your customized plan. And check out our bridal page with special savings.

  • December 9th= Signature Facials with Biocellulose Restorative Mask
  • January 6th= Signature Facial with the eye zone treatment
  • January 20th= Botox
  • February 3rd= Micropeel for sensitive skin #1
  • February 17th= Micropeel for sensitive skin #2
  • March 2nd= Flawless Back Facial
  • March 12th= Facial with dermaplaning
  • March 22nd= Eye brow shaping with Hard wax
  • March 26th= WEDDING DAY YAY!


Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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