CE FERULIC First Hand Experience

CE FERULIC First Hand Experience

CE FERULIC First Hand Experience

We all have read a rave review that made us go out and purchase a need-to-have eye pencil or fabulous face lotion. I never got to read a first hand experience about the CE FERUILIC. I was able to use it on patients in the office and saw an immediate healthy look to their skin.

At a conference training with Skinceuticals last October I was lucky enough to win a fill size product of my choosing after answering a doozy of a question right. I jumped at the chance to snag a bottle for free! I finished up my last bit of Dr. Denis Gross Vitamin C serum and a few days later started on the first product Skinceuticals developed – the amazing, awesome, best vitamin c I have ever tried, the CE FERULIC antioxidant.


The first thing you want to make sure about your vitamin c is that it’s in the right form and concentration to work. Is it in plastic? Throw it away if not! Is it paired with ferulic acid? No? Toss that sucker!

Skinceuticals was founded on skin cancer research and were the first to formulate a concentrate that can penetrate deeper, hydrate better, and protect your skin for a full 24 whopping hours. And they also found if it’s not in dark glass (it oxidized with sunlight and absorbs into plastic) or have the right concentrate of paired ingredients (by itself or not the right % doesn’t allow it to absorb or penetrate) – it doesn’t work. You can apply all damn day but if it’s not all these things, it’s not going to do anything except waste your time and money.

How did it Work

The switch from a gel to oil based antioxidant was awesome for my usually dry skin. After the first application, it looked healthier and more hydrated. The application was much stranger in the beginning. I felt like a scientist with my beaker mixing some concoction since it comes in the glass dropper.

I’ve never had anything come in a container like this before. It was super new to drop a product directly on my face and balance the drip from my forehead from going down my nose and not into my eye. But, even though it was new, I liked it!

In the treatment room I’ve had clients say it smells like a vitamin, I’ve heard it smells like a sausage (not sure what that was about), I’ve heard a campfire. Long story short, it doesn’t smell like lavender and roses, it smells like a medical product that’s supposed to do something. The texture is super smooth and silky, which I loved. It absorbs super quick, probably within 20 seconds or so, which makes it easy for someone who likes to sleep in till 630am and has to leave by 7.


I started the new antioxidant and waited to see the magic happen. And it did (even with using a vitamin c for 2 years prior to the switch). My crow’s feet started to look better. My few spots of pigment from the lifeguard days were lighter. Finally my skin’s flaky patches next to my nose went away – all within the first month.

Ce Ferulic

I started to realize I didn’t need a heavy foundation. So I switched to a BB cream the second month of use. All bonuses for something that was more protective than corrective. After that second month, it become like my pinterest obsession.  I soon realized I HAD TO HAVE IT EVERYDAY OR I FELT LIKE I LOOKED A DISASTER!

Needed to Test my Results

I wondered if it was all in my head when I ran out a couple months ago. I decided to use just an anti-aging moisturizer and see what would happen. It got ugly quick. I actually had a month of consistent jawline breakouts, my crow’s feet started flying back into my life (noooooo!) and my skin was like a dull dry desert. Holy crap, it was doing something!

Ce Ferulic

Ce Ferulic is an antioxidant is vitamins for your skin. You may not necessarily see it on the outside that you’re taking this wonderful thing for your body, but when you do blood work the numbers show the difference. Facial antioxidants are similar; you may see slight changes but when you perform a woods lamp analysis you can see the changes of skin cancer or discoloration diminish. This product makes your skin healthy, and healthy skin is beautiful skin.


The cost of the CE FERULIC should be broken down to about $26/ month. This is less than $1 per day to ensure your skin is healthy, drop your chance of skin cancer by 90% and overall firm and brighten. Again, each person needs to weigh if being preventative is a better choice of your investment rather than wait for a disaster and pay to correct that timely mistake.

I attempt to eat local and organic and have vitamins regularly, and can see the value of preventative medicine. When you care about your skin, you need an antioxidant. If you’re worried about discoloration, or sun damage, or the possibility of skin cancer, you need an antioxidant. Bottom line, everyone needs this product, period! Do yourself a future favor and purchase this amazing product!

Till next time Melbourne!
Love the Skin You’re In.