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Charcoal Mask

Internet Charcoal Mask Craze Trend

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or just not into social media – right now there’s crazy trend on skin care items popping up! The Charcoal Mask clips displaying the products captivate viewers and spikes up curiosity! Are these new skin care products truly worth the hype? I wanted to discuss on some of these products and why sometimes it’s best to just skip the urge to try the viral sensation. I love using items at home to continue my skin care regiment after a relaxing facial… but be careful not to cause damage to your skin when it comes to trying trends.Charcoal Mask

Bubble Mask

The Miss Piggy bubble clay mask has been seen all over youtube as the fun mask!! This Mask literally fizzes and bubbles up on your face! I am not THAT adventurous when it comes to trying new products. I love what I use and the results are there; why introduce my skin to a new item when it’s one that seems a bit risqué.

This mask claims to remove black heads, cleanses, exfoliate, and unclog pores. Lifting dirt and sebum while replenishing the skin for a youthful glow… My sweet little sister purchased the bubble mask on amazon (GASP) and raved about it several times. I had to try it myself.

Charcoal mask

On the bottle, you cant make out any of the instructions or ingredients. It came from South Korean, leaving the wording in Korean. I looked on Amazon to find out that the ingredients list “green tea, pomegranate, charcoal powder, aloevera leaf, witch hazel and alantoin etc….” I also looked on Pintrest to find that another piece of information stated the product had in addition “matcha powder, fermented soy extraction, peony root extract, oregano leaf extract, portulaca extractor and cinnamon extract” Hmmm why wouldn’t both places show consistency with the ingredients? Regardless..

I still slapped that bad boy on! Haha it was such an odd experience. It bubbled up on my face, was not easy to remove, and actually left my skin feeling dry. I’m praying that I do NOT break out or have a purge with this item. But that’s a risk I had to take to see what the craze was all about.

I honestly would not use this product again, since the bubble part was a weird feeling to me. But also because I couldn’t make out what ingredients were in the bottle or the directions due to the language difference. I did wake up the next morning with mini whiteheads and drier skin than usual.

Charcoal Mask 

The Charcoal Mask sounds enticing, it claims to remove the blackheads and while visibly seeing the difference. I’m sure everyone was running to their nearest market to find the ingredients to whip up this DIY mask.

The Charcoal mask calls for mixing powdered charcoal and glue together. The idea is that the glue will dry on your face and act as a blackhead remover while the charcoal pulls out the toxins in your skin. Sounds great… right? Hurts like CRAZY – not only is it painful, it’s completely dangerous!!!

Charcoal maskThe Charcoal Mask is actually dangerous! The Charcoal Mask Removes the top protective layers of the epidermis and vellus hair which can lead to rashes and dryness. Yes your skin will feel soft right after but you just exposed your skin to all kinds of nasty stuff to start breeding on your skin. Additionally, the mixture can clog pores, lead to blemishes and cause more damage when it comes to sensitive skin. See it as an extremely aggressive form of exfoliation that strips the skin, literally.


The internet is an interesting place with many new viral sensations popping up every day. Make sure to do your research before actually trying out the newest skin care trend – no one would ever want to cause more damage to their skin so leave it to the professionals to help with your concerns and needs with your skin. I promise you at a pain free happy skin care treatment at Millefiori!


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Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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