Clarisonic Opal- Top 5 Reasons to Buy


Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Clarisonic Opal!

Well, its officially almost a quarter of the way through 2017. WHAT?! You know what that means… your New Year’s Resolutions of a 10 step complicated daily skincare plan and workout boot camp regimen hasn’t made it out of the “Random” bag in a few weeks. Is it showing yet?

Hey, I’m a girlfriend, it’s ok, I don’t judge (too hard). We all fall off the bandwagon, so don’t get down on your gorgeous face! But I’m sure your eye area is letting you know to get on your a-game STAT! A fun new tool I’ve got in my arsenal since the holidays is a Clarisonic Opal Have you gotten the Millefiori Eye Zone treatment?

If so, you’ve experiences this little magic wonder! It’s the soft, vibrating brush at the end of your blissful hour. I felt so jealous and slightly guilty of having it in my office for the fam but not at home for me! I thought it was a great tool when I used it in my spa room but HELLO now that I’ve used it at home on a regular basis I just had to share my experience. If you are concerned about your eye area getting like crepe paper, GET THIS DEVICE! Why?Clarisonic


Lymphatic Draining Puffiness. Have you ever woken up and looked like you had a fight with a bee hive with your eyes? Sinus pressure and fluid buildup can create a nasty swelling in the orbital area and make you look tired, sad or older than you really are. The Clarisonic Opal’s vibration is a lymphatic drainage exercise and can replace or be in addition to the tapping that I show clients when purchasing an eye cream. This really does work and can give a cumulative effect over time for chronic sinus issues as well. Plus, who doesn’t like a techie toy to replace human work?


Dark Circles Go Bye Bye! Ok, it’s not a miracle worker, so don’t expect your hereditary Eastern European dark eyes so go away with one use. BUT, I can report that the Clarisonic Opal does help with seasonal/over-indulgent/lack of sleep circles! Use this bad boy after a night out and nobody will ever know 🙂


Product Penetration. There is science behind the way you apply products actually makes a difference with their effectiveness. The Clarisonic Opal has done extensive research on what exactly is the best way to apply an eye cream to get the most bang for your buck. The soft rubbery applicator tip is the perfect firmness for application, and the vibration pushes the cream into the skin quickly. So no more dewy finish under your eyes (Unless you want to) or waiting for your eye cream to sink in before concealer. 30 seconds and VOILA!


ClarisonicMorning Wake Up. I get up at 5:30am on the days I need to be over here in Melbourne at 8. Have you ever woken up at 5:30? The birds and squirrels aren’t even up yet! Coffee can kick you in high gear but sometimes your face isn’t showing the caffeine. The Opal really does wake you up. It’s not a jolting experience, but its just enough to make you wider eyed before going about the AM. I like taking the few seconds to prepare my skin for the day and prevent any aging that could occur throughout the day.


Anti Aging. It is evident when and when I don’t use the Clarisonic Opal. My skin looks smoother, more hydrated, less puffy and less overall “stressed”. The eye area is usually the first to age, so if you think about it, why wouldn’t you have something particularly dedicated to them! Anti-aging at home devices is the newest trend in skincare land. If you can do something at home to prevent or correct, it makes sense than to let the concern go and spend 100x more money and time to treat with similar devices in an office. That’s what I consider the Opal to be.

Not sure if your ready to throw down for a little eye vibrating machine? Come into the office and schedule a skincare service with our eye zone treatment for a test drive! We feature this and other nifty tricks for your eyes to look fresh, youthful and happy!

Till next time Melbourne!
Love the skin you’re in.


Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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