Facials Vs Chemical Peels: Whats the difference ?


The Pacquiao/Mayweather fight ended up being a lackluster matchup, but the competitive spirit hasn’t died. Many people coming in for treatments are torn between receiving a facial or chemical peel, so we wanted to put them in a head to head matchup. With relaxation, pampering and indulgence, we have facials in the right corner! With tingles, results and medical grade ingredients, we have chemical peels in the left corner! Who do you think wins with this head to head matchup? Read on to find the victor….
Facials are a lightweight champion. They aim to please the masses, relax the senses and gives a sense of well-being. Facials are something everyone can enjoy, and not only serve as a sporadic treat, but are also imperative for skin health when done on a monthly basis. They usually don’t pack a hard punch, but rather kills them with kindness, massage, and warm towels. 🙂 Looking to relax or give a special gift? Facials are the big winner!


Chemical peels can be intimidating, but really are the heavyweight champion. They aim to deliver results, correct the skin, and are tailored to each individual client. No two chemical peels are the same, which makes them unpredictable as a challenger to facials, but medical grade peels, like the Perfect Peel offered at Millefiori, surpass results and expectations. Our gel “date night” peels give a level of exfoliation, but with a targeted concern like acne, oil production or sun damage, and is a draw compared to facials. Our micropeels and Perfect Peels (in regards to results) knocks the socks off any facial- but be prepared for a more “medical” experience. Lights bright, tingles occurring and shedding are all expected from these services. Looking for results? Chemical peels are true victor.


Whether it be facials or chemical peels, having a consultation is always recommended to ensure to find a winning and customized treatment. Consultations at Millefiori are always complimentary, and should leave you feeling confident and beautiful. Schedule your complimentary one-on-one for more information at (321) 821-4778.

Till next time Melbourne!
Love the skin you’re in!

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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