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Feel like you have tried “every” product and nothing works. We are here to help.

Literally the three words I hear most often… “I’ve tried everything!” Whether it be for breakouts, wrinkle reduction, sun spots or eye correction, we are all tired of empty promises. The esthetic world is filled with products that vow surgery results, guarantees of 10 years younger, and pictures that insist the best thing is the next bottle or treatment you purchase.
You may think you’ve tried everything, but have you really? You may have tried a lot of one thing,; all the products marked for acne, all the lotions and potions available on QVC, magazine favorites under $9.99, but have you tried outside the box? Some things really do work, you just haven’t discovered them yet.

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Not sure which way to go? Come talk to the experts.

The first step is set realistic expectations. Expectations should not always necessarily be associated with price, but there’s a reason why the saying “seems too good to be true” exists. Unfortunately not everyone is honest, but most good people will be truthful with expected outcomes. We at Millefiori are not sales people, we’re providers…. there is a difference. It may not be what someone was expecting to hear, but to achieve what someone is looking for requires honest and truthfulness to the highest degree. We can make suggestions ranging from products and facials, to peels, laser and surgery. Will the outcomes be different? Yes.
The best thing you can do is get honest with yourself. What do you want to achieve, how quickly do you want to see it, and how much effort and money are you willing to put forth towards that goal? Determining these things will help you broaden or narrow your options, think of new avenues and possibly get you to the holy grail option of…. something that works!
Skincare fully encompasses your life, including diet, sleep, exercise, lifestyle. These things will effect what treatment plan will be effective. When I meet with someone about their skin, the conversation is not only about what bothers them. We talk about their family, their job, exercise routine, diet. We talk about what they have tried, what they have thought about trying, what has given some outcome and what made their concern worse. Most importantly, we talk about their expectations. We separate what is achievable at home, at our office and at our plastic surgeon’s office.

No more empty promises- just real expectations and results. Come see the difference with Millefiori.

Real Results

We at Millefiori don’t make promises, we make a plan. We strive for a treatment program that works with your lifestyle, fits within your budget, and will provide results. We will show you pictures of real patients that have comparable skin and their results.
You may have tried a lot, but one thing I can promise is that you haven’t tried it all. We offer free consultations to give everyone the opportunity to learn what a combined 15 years of involvement in esthetics can offer in knowledge, experience and ideas.

Schedule your complimentary one-on-one for more information at (321) 821-4778.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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