Hate Sweat? 7 Signs Botox is Right for Your Sweat

We all hate sweat! The heat is on this summer and everyone is sweating. Sweat is a normal reaction of the body to regulate temperature. Each person has a different amount of sweat they procedure. For some people they may have a medical condition where they procedure 5 times the average. 
This condition is called Axillary Hyperhydrosis or excessive sweatingIf you feel your sweating is abnormal keep reading to find out how Botox can help.

7 Signs Botox is Great for your Sweat

  1. You sweat for no reason. If you notice an increase in sweat while in a cool room or while sitting calmly, you could be a candidate for treatment
  2. You are  sweating through your clothes. Patients who have excessive sweating may need to change their shirts multiple times through out the day
  3. You are worried about the appearance of under arm sweat that it affects your daily life. If your sweating is causing you to miss out because you are worried people will see you sweating,
  4. Showering multiple times a day. Everyone likes to smell clean and fresh, but if you need to take multiple showers a day, your sweating could be more than average
  5. Your sweat is ruins your clothing. If you find yourself having to throw out stained clothes or not wanting to buy expensive clothes, then botox is the answer
  6. You feel like antiperspirants are not working but you have tried the max strength or even prescription products.
  7. You feel like it’s a family thing. Excessive sweating could have an underlying genetic component. Odds are someone else in your immediate family is also suffering.

But How Does it Work?

Botox is injected in the treatment area and it blocks the nerve signal that is responsible for sweating. This stops the glands from making too much sweat. We can inject botox into the hands, feed, and underarms to stop your hated sweat.

So Does it Hurt?

No, it is a quick visit to the office and back to work same day. We can use ice to numb the treatment area. Patients will start to see results in 5 days and full results after 2 weeks. Treatments are spaced out every 4-6 months, but as you continue treatments you will be able to go longer intervals.

If you feel like you have excessive sweating contact a certified Botox provider today to find out more! 
Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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