Why You Want Hyaluronic on your Face Today!


Why Hyaluronic Acid Today

Have you been to Ulta or even the skincare aisle at CVS? Then you have noticed there is this new thing call Hyaluronic Acid that is in every product. You are probably wondering what it is. Don’t worry, everyone else is wondering the same thing.

Hyaluronic acid is THE new buzz word in the skincare industry. This means that a lot of skincare products are adding it to be trendy. Unfortunately, there is not an explanation on the label of what it is. So, lets jump into hyaluronic acid 101!



Hyaluronic acid or “HA” is a sugar based molecule that is found naturally in the body. According to WebMD it is found in the joints and in the eyes to help with moisture. Think of your grandma who has bad knees and is getting injections to help with her mobility, that is HA.

The Skincare world has stolen moisturizing procedure and is using it for amazing results!!


We tell our clients HA is known for its ability to hold in moisture and water. It can hold 1000 times in weight in water.

Water and moisture are key to healthy, supple, glowing skin. As skin starts to age it breaks down and loses the ability to maintain moisture. Our natural levels of HA also decrease as we age. So, adding HA in the form of a serum to the skin with help fight gravity, sagging, and loss of volume of the skin. That is a huge win!


HA is not new groundbreaking technology. But recently we have found a way to use in skincare products. HA naturally a large molecule, there fore it is hard to penetrate into the skin. The researcher gods in skincare land have finally found a way to make the molecule the perfect size to absorb into the skin.

The effect is plumping up the sin as well as increased moisture.



Old school technology was to inject actual collagen into the skin for volume, we soon found downsides to this method(ie. Allergic reactions, un-even fills, and bumps).

Then HA was discovered. Injectable dermal fillers such as Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, and Vollure are all made of HA to name a few. No results are customized and without the risks of collagen. Believe it not it is very likely that you know someone who has had one of these fillers do, they are just not telling you they have had anything done.

HA provides a smooth subtle change to the skin, that makes you look younger without being overdone.



Hands down a serum that is applied topically to the skin is the best method to deliver HA to the skin. There are no pills that can offer the same moisture benefits that a serum can.

Just like with other vitamin serums, you get what you pay for and Serums should be in a protective dark glass and usually in the $100 range. I am in love with the HA intensifier that was just released this past year from skinceuticals. It has become our #1 product and our clients can’t get enough!!

Call today to find out more about this wonderful Hyaluronic Acid!!

Love the Skin You’re In!!


Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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