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B5 Gel


This past weekend I was doing a little winter cleaning and trying to prep the house for the holidays. I decided it would be a great time to clean out my bathroom. So of course I started taking stock of all my Skinceuticals products. I realized that there was one particular product that I might be a little obsessed with since I had 3 different size bottles in my stuff. Drum roll please…. My most favorite product is the Hydrating B5 gel.

B5 Gel

The hydrating B5 gel from skinceuticals is a gel moisturizer made up of hyaluronic acid and B Vitamin complex. These ingredients help replenish the skin so that it feels and looks younger. The ingredient hyaluronic acid is a natural hydrator and humectant that hold 1000 times its weight in water. And the B5 complex works as an essential nutrient to repair the skins natural barrier.


So let’s talk about the B5 gel and why it’s my favorite.  B5 Gel

The first reason is the texture. I have never been a huge fan of thick oily moisturizers. But I do know the importance of having adequate moisturizer in the skin. The b5 gel feels like water. It is amazing. A few drops on your fingers and you apply to face and it’s like giving your face a drink of water. It instantly absorbs and does not leave behind any sticky residue. It can easy be applied prior to makeup. It can also be mixed with any liquid foundation to give you skin a little more glow factor.

The next reason that I LOVE the B5 gel is that it can be layered. You skin is constantly changing and will need different levels of hydration. I love that in the summer months or if I am feeling a little on the oily side I can wear it alone. In the dryer winter or if I am doing more aggressive procedures at the office such as chemical peels, it can be layer. Products always are applied on the skin thinnest to thickest. So I can use the B5 gel first and then layer on top a cream moisturizer such as the daily moisturizer for a little more hydration.

B5 GelThe last reason the B5 gel is my favorite skinceuticals product is the main ingredient hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is like golden juice. Or as some of my clients refer to it as “face juice”. When you think about hyaluronic acid think about a juicy plump grape that is supple. This is what hyaluronic does for your skin. It nourishes from the inside and holds water to “plump” fine lines and wrinkles. Everyone can benefit from hyaluronic acid. You can be sure with skinceuticals you are getting the best and highest percentages.

So if you are looking for a new product to add to your current regimen for a little extra hydration the B5 gel may be the answer. It is also a great moisturizer for anyone with acne and oily skin since it will not clog pores. If you have any questions about your current routine or would like recommendations on products specific to your needs call the office today for a free skincare consult.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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