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What kind of makeup should you be using?

So many of you know I come from makeup world – the land of lipsticks, bronzers, and blush. It may seem like a far distance from our medical spa, but makeup and esthetics are a very close cousin to skincare and Millefiori Medical Skin Rejuvenation. Makeup is meant to be fun, exciting, and enjoyable – not a chore. Unfortunately, as we age and feel the need to keep up with our youth, makeup becomes a habit, feeling like a necessity, and sometimes makes matters look worse. So what are you suppose to use? Does the BB cream suffice? Is a mineral powder best for you? Take a look below to decipher where you should start your makeup routine and some of my top recommendations for each skin type to look and feel your best.

Makeup For ALL Skin Types


Traditionally, powder is the makeup artists’ go-to for oily skin. Absorbing the excess oil that shines throughout the day is the most positive aspect for using a powder by itself. Also, when having an oily client, choices for skin care are very important before the actual makeup. Though adding another layer, many oily patients like using a primer to have the powder to “stick” to, and mascara lines are now offering primers as well for the same effect. Powder foundation is not only what you should look in a powder medium; also look towards powder blushes and powder shadows (yes, I’ve seen oily eyelids, it does happen!) Tinted SPF is also a great option for oily clients since it can be a very lightweight feeling, and with the option of putting a powder on top, can have a little extra coverage and mattify any shine. Though temptation for a liquid may be present for heavier coverage, oily clients should be wary of liquids due to pore clogging ingredients like mineral oil and silicone. Matte liquids traditionally eliminate congestion creating filler ingredients, but it’s best to check the box just in case. Still having problems with oil control and using the recommendations? Try a mineral powder – the irritation may be coming from chemicals in traditional powders like silica. All time favorites include T’leClerc (amazing colors and the smoothest powder possible) and Skinceuticals Physical Fusion MATTE.


Dry skin is craving water and oil. You may have seen that friend where in just the hint of sunlight, you can see every speck of powder on her nose, chin and cheeks. Help a friend in need! Dry skin’s best choice is a tinted moisturizer, BB cream or liquid. These add hydration to skin while giving coverage and color to the skin. Tinted moisturizers are my favorite for younger clients, as they need only minimal coverage and extra protection. Mature and dry and notice your makeup looks non-existent by noon? Look for cream shadows (must use a primer for less creasing though!) and cream blushes for a longer lasting look that compliments your skin type too. Favorites of mine include Dr Dennis Gross Skincare’s options for tinted moisturizer due to multiple color options (6 choices!) or Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer for a youthful glow.


So the “normal” skin type is an exfoliated, hydrated, no breakouts type of skin type- rare, I know. Combination skin (oily on the t-zone and dry in patches) can also be clumped into this category as well for makeup choices. Liquid to powder, crème foundation and tinted moisturizers are the most common choices I gravitate to for these skin types. Crème foundations add hydration while also giving a powder finish, but unlike layering products, gives immediate coverage to cover sun spots and acne spots. Shadows and blushes could swing either way, so use your judgment and check on the makeup artist’s recommendations. Favorites of mine include Vincent Longo’s Water Canvas (it really feels like water!) and Chantecaille’s Future Skin.


Notate, sensitive skin is THE MOST IMPORTANT skin type when choosing skin care basics and makeup. Makeup is practically impossible to be “all natural”, and sensitive clients traditionally react tochemicals and preservatives. Rosacea and consistently red patients are best to color correct first before applying facial makeup – therefore start with a green concealer stick and then work up. I’ve had many patients who have success with mineral makeup due to it’s lack of preservatives. Favorites for redness coverage are T.LeClerc’s green concealer (in the corrector palette) and the foundation with best coverage is hands down Eve Pearl’s HD Dual Foundation.

Makeup for Skin Type
Different Makeup

Notice I didn’t break up the categories into age groups…age is just a number. I’ve been dry like a bone since I can remember, and I’ve met 50 year olds with more oil than a teenage boy. Before buying anything, try and wear! Customary should be wearing the product for a full day in natural light, checking for color match and length of wear. I’ve been a makeup artist for over 10 years, with extensive knowledge in bridal and high profile client application, and would never think twice of someone wearing the makeup before purchasing.
Not sure if you have the right basics or an ingredient that may be causing problems? Book a complimentary skincare consultation at Millefiori Medical Skin Rejuvenation in downtown Melbourne. We love having new patients bring their full routine to our office to decipher ingredient lists and what’s a keeper and what should go in the guest bathroom. (321) 821-4778.

Till Next Time Melbourne! Love the Skin You’re In.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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