Makeup Truly is Skin Deep

Makeup is powerful tool that can deceive the eye. From contouring and highlighting, shaping the face and body, to removing blemishes, spots and tattoos, it really can change the face of a person.

Most people use makeup to cover a flaw. A scar, breakout, sun spot, undereye circle, and many other imperfections are why we all have some type of makeup on hand. As a makeup artist, I ask my client first, what they want to change and keep, and second, what are they doing about it at home. Why? Because why would someone take the time everyday to put on makeup to change their appearance, and not use skincare to permanently change and prevent that appearance?

Makeup is meant to be fun! It is meant to enhance our mood, our confidence, and our outside appearance,not to be a chore. You should ultimately not have to put on makeup, but rather WANT to put on makeup. This is when skincare goes hand in hand with the makeup world. Makeup can only get you so far towards yours your esthetic goals. Consider skincare the Neosporin to makeup being the bandage.

You have an undereye concealer to hide the dark circles you have developed with age, stress and everyday life, have you thought of an eye cream? Eye creams with peptides, like the A.G.E. interrupters eye cream by Skinceuticals, helps hydrate the orbital bone area, decreasing fine lines that are enhanced with concealers. The peptides builds collagen, filling a hollowed look and promotes circulation, decreasing the blue/purple look under the eye. It fills in any dehydrated lines to create a smooth surface so the concealers doesn’t seep into lines and create even worse of a look. It doesn’t mean you will never have to use a concealer again, but it may mean less product usage, a better result, and over time, possibly correcting the issue totally.


Does uneven skin tone has you caking on foundation in the morning? Foundation will even out your skin tone, but not correct the issue. Corrective products, like the Advanced Pigment Corrector serum from Skinceuticals, will break up melanin clumped together creating spots, and suppress melanin production that is preventative for future damage. Applying a serum everyday under your makeup will create a base for your foundation to adhere to, having your makeup last longer, and will eventually create a more even palette that will require less foundation.


The lesson learned with makeup application for daily or special event use is prep work is key. Building a good “foundation” for your makeup will have it last longer, look better, and get more out of your products. Eye creams, moisturizers and SPF is necessary daily before any type of makeup is applied. Makeup can do wonders, but it can’t work miracles! Protect your investment and hobby of makeup application, use skincare on a daily basis before makeup and love the skin your in.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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