Top 10 Reasons to get a Micropeel

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MicroPeel- Melbourne, Florida

Micropeels are the hottest treatment for 2015! Any skin type can be treated, multiple concerns can be corrected, and you can get amazing results with a peel that won’t make you peel! If you’ve had one of these before, you know for yourself how amazing the skin looks and feels immediately after the treatment. If you’ve never heard about this procedure, read on, and be amazed on what these quick treatments can do for you and your skin!

Top 10 Reasons To Get a MicroPeel


Hydrate the skin. Exfoliating can assist with not only your current products absorbing better into the skin, but also help with dehydration, depending on which solution or combination of solutions are used in the micropeel. Dissolving the top layer of dead skin, your micropeel treatment can leave the skin supple, hydrating and glowing.


Cool down with co2. The final step in the micropeel treatment is cryogen therapy (aka co2). This intense cooling effect on the skin brings down redness and cools any heat that may be radiating from the skin, also constricting capillary issues that contribute to redness in the skin. In the summertime heat of Florida, the co2 is very enjoyable and gives an instant cool down that anyone can appreciate!


Condense poleftsidefacebeforeanadafterre size.  No matter the solution used, the combination of exfoliation, extractions, and co2 within the micropeel tightens pores, as well as giving a cumulative effect through the treatment series with longer lasting effects. Facial pores are like rubber bands, once stretched, they are extremely difficult to shrink back to normal size, but with diligence and consistent treatment, they will return to a tightened state.


Even skin tone. Micropeels can specifically target discoloration in the skin. With a special solution designed to break apart clumped melanin (dark spots), a corrective treatment series can yield results that usually require significant downtime if treated with other procedures. The exfoliating solution after the dermaplaning goes directly into the skin layer to correct the unevenness, and when also paired with an at-home prescription like the SkinCeuticals advance pigment corrector, can yield amazing before and after’s that will make your friends jealous!


Bring acne up and out. Cystic acne, which is acne that never surfaces to the skin, can be extremely hard to combat due to layers of dead skin blocking the pore to be extracted. If acne is under the skin, topical treatments, such as salicylic or sulfur, cannot work to the best of its ability. Micropeels are designed to not only bring the acne to the surface to be treated, but also aid with bacterial infections that can present as acne, with every step being antiseptic and antibacterial to the skin. Acne is the most common reason for our clients at Millefiori to treat one or two series in a row of micropeels for full correction.


Reduce wrinkle depth. Who doesn’t want to soften wrinkles that feel like they are part of the family they’ve been there so long. With deep exfoliation like micropeels, wrinkle depth can start to decrease, with giving an appearance of the wrinkle fading into the rest of the skin. Micropeels can be customized with an aggressive solution to reduce wrinkle depth and also aids with botox and filler treatments, for more instant gratification.


Reduce excess oil. Being in Florida, our humidity can make even the driest patient feel like a little oil sponge. Micropeels can be formulated to attack sebaceous glands under the skin, the glands that produce skin oil (and sometimes too much oil). Salicylic acid and glycolic acid, customized with our micropeel treatment, penetrate the skin to give an instant de-greasing, and cumulative treatments can correct the overactive gland issue all together.



Correct sun damage. Sun damage can not only be a visual concern, but also down right dangerous if not taken care of. Chemical peels bring damage to the surface of the skin and can be treated before turning into something worse that needs to be surgically removed. Micropeels are effective in correcting previous sun damage to the skin, and with daily spf application, can also prevent more damage from occurring on the skin.


De-fuzz. The first step in the micropeel treatment is dermaplaning. Dermaplanning is the physical removal of the top layer of the epidermis, and while doing so, also removes the “peach fuzz” on the face. With a feeling of a brusing sensation, this is a perfect alternative to hurtful waxing of the face too. This velus hair can trap excess bacteria (creating breakouts) and also give a shading to the face that is not there due to the color of the hair. De-fuzz the skin with a micropeel, and get the smoothest surface you’ve felt since you were a newborn!


Get a “peel” without the peel. That’s right, you can get a peel with the “peel!” Micropeels can be customized for not only a sensitive skin type, but also someone who wants to see benefits without any downtime, aka peeling. No matter if its your career, time-line, or just personal preference, micropeels are a great alternative to deep-dermis peels that give shedding to the skin.




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