Moisturizer? 4 Side Effects From Not Using


Watch What Happens When You Don’t Use A Moisturizer!

I love moisturizers. Gel ones, thick creamy ones, ones that smell like flowers, ones that go on like oil. I have probably tried hundreds (ok, thousands) of different types over the 12 years I’ve been licensed. There isn’t much out there that gives me the same satisfaction of slathering my face with a good hydrating cream and alleviating my tight, dry, aging skin. It seriously makes me feel like 100 bucks. So it literally boggles my mind when I meet people who don’t apply moisturizer to their face. WHY?!?! It’s so amazing! Like a hot guy, wishing you were single to your face! Why would you deprive yourself of such pleasure?! I know you may think you don’t need one ‘cause you’re oily, or you don’t have time because you have 3 schools to stop at for morning drop-off before work. Trust me – you have 5 seconds. Read on, and find out what happens when you don’t use a moisturizer. You’re welcome.


After 24 hours of deprivation

You probably visually notice nothing. Areas around the eyes and cheeks may feel tight if you’re normally dry to begin with but that’s about it. Trust me, something is happening.

After 1 week of no hydration love

MoisturizerYou may notice your skin starting to look a little ashy. You are now rapidly losing water from the epidermis. Moisturizers don’t just replenish hydration, they also help to trap your water and lipids from escaping. Now with no moisturizer for 7 days, it is full-on exodus! (Now you’re starting to believe me).

After 1 month of no replenishing creams

It’s now setting in. Your skin barrier has officially been compromised. Because of this, your skin will become blotchy, irritated with redness, and more prone to environmental aggressors. Say hello to crow’s feet and itchiness!

After 1 year of no moisturizers

MoisturizerWelcome to raisin land! This becomes irreversible when compounded and that plump juicy grape of the skin is gone – possibly for good! Sagging, dullness, deeper folds and severe irritation are starting to become the norm. Think Botox or fillers will be a quick fix? Congrats! You’ve just plumped red, flaky, dull skin to let everyone see! And makeup? Definitely no longer your best friend. Womp Womp.

Moral of the story- do yourself a favor. Find the time, chose something you love – and use it! Whether your 18 or 80, you need a moisturizer! Slather on my friends!!

Till Next Time Melbourne!
Love the Skin You’re In.

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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