My Kybella Experience


Have you ever heard of an injection to permanently get rid of fat cells? Well you have now that you’re reading this! Kybella is an FDA approved injection used in the sub mental region (or as we like to call, the double chin) to permanently get rid of fat cells.

Jawline You Always Wanted

Kybella gives you that killer jawline you’ve always wanted. Kybella uses deoxycholic acid, which works to destroy fat cells where it is injected. I’m here to share my personal experience so you know the 411 on all things Kybella!!


Fat vs Loose Skin

How did I know I was a good candidate for this injection? Let’s not get scientific here. Do you know the difference between Fat and Loose skin?

If you’re truly holding adipose tissue and have a double chin, then you’ll see great benefit from this treatment. If you’re seeing loose, or sagging, skin under the chin, then Kybella isn’t necessarily the best treatment for you- no worries, we have other treatments for that!



Day of Nerves

The day of, I was a little nervous but super excited! My biggest insecurities was finally going to be addressed by a safe and effective treatment! After Iris and I completed an in-depth consultation and before photos, it was time for her to work her magic.


A grid is used to map out the injection sites, this is a very important step as everyone is different and requires different amounts. I used 32 injections and 7 viles of product!! During the process of the injections, I felt a stinging sensation that lasted for about 20 minutes after the injection. Iris moved very quickly so didn’t feel anything at the time!

Once the last needle was finished, I iced to help with the sting. Overall, it was a tolerable treatment and I was very well taken care of.

My Kybella Aftermath



I’m now one month out and seeing great results already. It is recommended to complete a series of three treatments set at 12 weeks apart, so I’m very excited to see as my body continues to dispose of those fat cells and see a better result as time goes on!

If you’re ready to make the move for yourself, or you would just like some more information, please call to set up your consultation and get started on your Kybella experience, too! I’ll be waiting to see you at Millefiori!


Till next time,


Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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