No Downtime Laser Resurfacing!

No Downtime

No Downtime Laser

Who wants more youthful skin with no downtime? I have been working with lasers in the aesthetic industry for the 12 years and up until recently I would have told you to keep dreaming. But, now there is a breakthrough new treatment that really does remove unwanted dark spots and improve the quality of the skin without the downtime!

I need to Know!!

no downtime

The picosure uses innovative technology to gently deliver short bursts of energy, not heat, to target problem areas of the skin. Picosure give you that youthful glow with no downtime.  In my terms this is coolest freaking laser I have ever worked with.

What makes it so special?

No Downtime

The picosure laser is able to fire energy in a picosecond. For all my nerds out there that means it is a thousand time faster than a nanosecond. We are talking about a trillionth of a second, or really really fast. This enables the laser to eliminate dark spots without damaging any of the surrounding skin. Hello faster results and no downtime.

What make it different from Factional CO2 laser

The end results are similar in that both laser can build collegan in the skin to rejuvenate as well as eliminate sun spots. The picosure just provides newer technology with less downtime. The biggest difference is the Picosure laser uses no heat compared to CO2.

What Skin Care Type?

Since we live here in Florida and sun damage is just a part of life, I would say everyone. The main skin issues the picosure is able to treat include:

  • Brown Spots
  • Sun Damage
  • Freckles
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Melasma
  • Fine lines

No Downtime

How do I sign up?

Call Millefiori and ask for the Picosure Focus treatment. You will then meet with me for a quick consultation to evaluate your skin. We should be able to start treatments that day! Some patients will see a difference in 1 session, but 3 sessions are recommended for clinical improvement. You will leave the office feeling a little hot and sunburned. We will prescribe specific Skinceuticals to promote the healing and results of your treatment. Within a few hours heat will fade and within 24hrs side effects will dissipate. What are you waiting for?


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Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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