Oily Skin? Moisturizer, Yes it Helps!!


My Oily Skin Problem

Are you one of those beautiful people out there who happen to suffer from ungodly oily skin as I do? You probably rolled your eyes so hard at that statement that you counted that as your exercise for the day! But, hear me out y’all, it MAY help you out in the long run..



My Initial Oily Skin Story

As most of you know, I didn’t start out in the skincare industry. I was just like you, buying my favorite skincare products at LUSH and Ulta (BOGO ladies, amiright!?) (And NO, I am not knocking LUSH or Ulta products, I still use them to this day), but nothing, and I mean NOTHING seemed to suck up the oil that just loved to sit on my face.

At one point I gave up and wasn’t even using a moisturizer, period! I was sick of it, I hated having to blot my face multiple times at work throughout the day. Worse even was when the seasons would change, my skin would feel dry and itchy in the morning after washing my face. Then act like an oil spill by lunchtime! What gives!?!

What Changed

It wasn’t until I started this amazing journey at Millefiori that one of the Estheticians imparted some wisdom on me. I try and share as often as I can to others. If you’re oily, and NOT using moisturizer, your body produces MORE oil to compensate!

I was flabbergasted (yes, I’ve been waiting for the opportune moment to use that one, haha) “So my face hates me, and wants me to be oily?” I asked. She laughed at me, and said “No. However, if YOU aren’t going to give it the moisture it’s BEGGING for (cue excess oil production) it’s going to create its own.” I finally admitted that actually made sense, but then explained my disdain for moisturizers because they all feel so heavy!

My Saving Grace

I don’t want something that feels like lotion going all over my face. Then I’ll break out AND be oily. Nope. Deal-breaker. Girl, bye. Then, as if out of thin air, she grabs this bottle off the shelf and hands it to me- the Hydrating B5 Gel.


I look at her, look at the bottle, look at her, back at the bottle (you get the picture) She told me this was her go-to for oily patients. It looks AND feels like water on the skin, but gives you the hydration your skin desperately craves. The B vitamins and Hyaluronic Acid in the gel gives it the perfect feel.

Thin like water, but thicker like gel. And not so heavy that I’m getting grossed out because I’m using a “moisturizer”. It’s like my whole world changed that day! I will admit that, during the summer time, I still get oily in my t-zone, but I feel like that’s just a fact of life living in Florida.

The End of Oily Skin

I’ve been using the Hydrating B5 gel for almost the entirety of me working here, and I’m here to tell you to take it from me: someone who used to try anything and everything to help with oil, there is NO other moisturizer like this out on the market, and since incorporating this into my routine, I have seen a significant difference in the amount of oil my skin produces.


‘Till next time,

Stay beautiful y’all!



Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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