OMG, My First Botox Experience


OMG, I got Botox

Guess what I did! I got BOTOX!! Cue the ‘omgs’ and whispers. Haha. I’m a big believer of to each their own and I wanted to share with you all on my reasons for getting botox and help answer some questions.

I know when I first started getting botox back in July of 2016 (yes, it’s been that long, and NO ONE knew) I was not fully educated on what Botox was or why I even needed or wanted it. So I marched my tush right into Millefiori on the day of my appointment to pick Iris’s mind on the whole ordeal.

Why I Got Botox

What triggered the idea of Botox was when my esthetician, Ashley said “Oh girl.. did you know you have a wonky eyebrow?” A wonky eyebrow… what is that? I’ve been a suspect to an over tweezed eye brow, a unibrow, an over waxed eyebrow but never have I had to deal with a ‘wonky’ eye brow.

Ashley explained to me that the muscles on a certain side of my face tends to work a little harder than the other side. Which have made my brows sit a little uneven. I noticed it when I would take photos but never really thought much of it, until then! We had to fix it – I cannot go around walking the streets with a wonky brow.

I Had Questions


That’s when Iris came into my life… during my consultation Iris helped answer questions I had in regard to botox such as

“what is Botox”

“Will my face be stuck like this forever”

“Does it hurt”

Sitting down and having someone answer my questions and concerns made my decision very easy to move forward with treatment. Come in for a free consultation with Iris! She can tell you all the details about a botox treatment and reassure you it’s the right decision.

My Result



Now to the nitty gritty…. This wonky brow. I have always noticed I had a higher eyebrow and would causally joke about my “The Rock” eyebrow but I had no idea what to do. He’s a handsome man but in no way did I want my brows to resemble his.

Thank goodness for Botox, we treated my forehead with Botox. What the botox ended up doing is relaxing the muscle causing my ‘wonky’ brow to lower meeting the right level with my normal brow. Perks to this Botox treatments?! It also is a preventative for my forehead lines.

I had a few baby wrinkles that would be noticeable from my expression and my makeup settled in it from time to time… NOPE not anymore. It’s like having an Instagram or FaceTune app filter on my face!!!  I literally have the smoothest forehead ever!

How I feel Now

Once my wonky brow was fixed, I started getting curious about treating other areas. I started noticing I would scrunch my face which was creating these lines between my brows.

This area is commonly known as the “11’s” because once the area goes untreated it starts creating deeper wrinkles which look like the number 11 on the skin. Heck no I didn’t want those either, so we treated them!

Over the last two years, I’ve been able to maintain my Botox which has soften the forehead lines to where I never get any creasing even after it’s worn off and I’m heading in for my retreatment. Iris and I have developed a treatment plan, which she does with all her patients, that allows me to visit every 4-5 months to keep my skin super smooth and my brows even. Try not to get too much of a laugh out of my before and afters.

I’m incredibly happy and love walking around as if I have an Instagram filter on me but in reality it’s my skincare treatments!! I pride on keeping my skin health up to status… It’s the only face I have so making sure its in tip top shape!

Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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