Perfect Peel, #1 Peel To Get You Ready For the Holidays

Perfect Peel

Perfect Peel- Get Ready For the Holidays

Peel season is officially here!! Which means everyone who spent a little too much time in the sun this summer can benefit from a peel. You want to give your skin a restart refreshed look. Here at Millefiori we offer both light dermis peels and the deep dermis peels.

Perfect Peel

Chemical peels exfoliate the top dead layers of skin to reveal healthy, new skin cells and a fresher, more refined complexion. Hellooo who doesn’t want that?!  I love all versions of peels but for the fall season and preparing for the holidays, I am going for the Mack Daddy peel! I want to walk in Thanksgiving Dinner and flash that fresh face of new youthful skin!

What’s the Mack Daddy peel? Oh it’s the Perfect Peel from Perfect Derma Peel. This Peel combines intense ingredients with effective acids to deliver outstanding results in just one treatment. Do you want the secret treatment that all the stars in Hollywood are raving about? This peel really is the PERFECT peel with the easy application, little downtime, and aggressive results! And it’s perfect for all skin types!

What is a Perfect Peel

So what is the Perfect Peel?? The formula of this peel is designed to give maximum results with minimal aggravation or discomfort. The perfect peel combines intense ingredients and effective acids to deliver outstanding results.

The Perfect Peel is the first medical peel to include glutathione, the ultimate antioxidant proven to prevent and correct sun damage that was compromised by free radicals. This cocktail mixture includes high-grade ingredients such as glutathione, trichloroacetic acid (TCA), salicylic acid, vitamin c, koji acid, phenol, and retinoic acid which make the Perfect Peel.

Perfect Peel


Give me all the Glutathione!! This is the only peel that premieres Glutathione as a founding component. It’s only true anti-aging ingredient exclusively on our formula. The way the formula is formulated in this peel is to work from the inside to repair and nourish the skin by-

  • Refines Your Pores
  • Improves Your Skin Hyperpigmentation
  • Lifts Your Melasma
  • Controls Your Acne 
  • Prevent Acne Scars 

It does all of that while giving the skin a radiant glow while defying the aging process. As we age, our glutathione levels deplete over time due to sun exposure, air pollutants, and environmental stressors. We cannot avoid free radicals but we can correct the damage it has done to our skin and continue to prevent further damage.

My Skin Will Do What?

Perfect Peel

The Perfect Peel is a non-invasive and pain-free treatment that entails only a few days of superficial peeling of the skin. When applied to the skin, the solution gives a light tingle sensation and is extremely tolerable.

Unlike other deep dermis peels, it is an enjoyable experience and is a limited “down-time” treatment with most patients having little peeling by day 7. The full experience is the perfect cross between a spa experience and a medical treatment. With the lights dimmed, aromatherapy experience and foot massage, the procedure gives laser like results with the experience of a facial.

Call Millefiori to schedule your perfect peel and be amazed with the perfect skin! 321-821-4778


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