Period Breakouts 3 Tips To Help

Period Breakouts

Period Breakouts and How to Help!

O.M.G. “That time of the month” really has no advantages. You feel tired, bloated, and your skin FREAKS OUT! Why is it every month like clockwork you break out? Even into my 30’s my face has one or two pimples when it comes to be that time. So wait, I have wrinkles and pimples?! That doesn’t seem fair. I’ve compiled a few tips that I use on how to battle those pesky period breakouts, to keep your skin clear and smooth all month long.

Period Breakouts

Birth control to the rescue!

Okay people, we’re going to get a little personal here and all of these are just suggestions to help but are in no way meant to be for every individual. Birth control is obviously meant to prevent pregnancy, but they also help to regulate hormone levels. Releasing the same amount of progesterone and estrogen throughout each week makes “that week” less of a spike in hormone levels. How does that relate to breakouts? Well think about your teenage years when your hormones were haywire? There is a serious correlation between regulated hormones and clear skin. This means less flair ups in the usual suspect spots for period acne (chin, jawline and neck). A little trial and error may be needed that birth control method works best for you, but also talk to your doctor. There are particular prescriptions that are known to clear acne. In my experience, oral pills better regulation than IUD’s (the taper off effect can be maddening), but managing side effects also needs to be taken under consideration.


Anti-bacterial everything!

Bacteria lives on everything practically. The universe is working against you during period time and even if you never have bacterial issues, you probably will when it’s 90% humidity, 95 degrees and your hormones are roller coasting. Products like the Phyto Corrective Masque by Skinceuticals can be applied only when and where you need it and can significantly bring down bacteria, inflammation and redness around hormonal breakouts. Plus, who doesn’t want to sit at home in their robe eating chocolate or ramen and be masking their face while watching trashy tv during a period weekend?Period Breakout


Spa Date – PRONTO!

Facials can really help with period breakouts. Your esthetician can really determine what the heck is going on and how to help. Recommendations for at home prevention, like retinols or salysilic treatments will vary and need to be referred by someone who has treated your skin. I have a fab esthetician ( *cough*me *cough* ) who figured out that if I put retinol on my problem areas (under the jaw) every night the week before my cycle I practically never get period breakouts! Yay!!! And if you do, it’s ok. Just don’t pick and treat gently with a topical and call your spa!




Having breakouts and think they’re hormonal? Book a skincare consultation to see how we can help! We offer free sit downs to make a plan. (321) 821-4778.


Till Next Time Melbourne!

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Iris Kelley

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