My Personal Perfect Peel Journey

Perfect Peel

My Perfect Peel Journey

Everybody wants perfect skin… right? I know that I do! That’s why I decided to do The Perfect Peel. Peeling can be really scary, especially when you are new to skin care like I am. This is why I think that some people tend to shy away from chemical peels. Truly, there is nothing to fear.

What’s scary about having smooth, glowing skin?! NOTHING! Once you get past the realization that your skin is going to peel, you’ve overcome the hardest step.

Perfect Peel


My Past

I personally had never had a chemical peel done before. Upon coming into the office I was slightly nervous as well as excited! I had been dreaming of that healthy glow for so long, but had never been able to achieve it on my own.

I was brought back into the spa room where the esthetician and I went over my skin care concerns and what I wanted to achieve with my skin. I explained that I have always dealt with light freckling scattered across my face, as well as that rough alligator like skin that would always grace me with its patchy presence.

Day Of Perfect Peel

During the application of the Perfect Peel, I did feel some slight tingling, but nothing too intense. In fact, I almost felt as though I was having a nice relaxing facial. Before leaving the office I will say that I had an orange glow on my face and chest because the peel solution is left on the skin.

About 24 hours later, I washed the peel off with my gentle cleanser as instructed, I patted my skin dry and applied one of the retinol wipes that was provided. This is where I began to experience some more intense tingling, but it wasn’t painful.

Day After

When I woke up the next morning, my skin looked really smooth and tight. I was able to cleanse my skin and apply my everyday makeup. I went off to work and had a seamless day. Later in the night I started to notice some pimples coming up to the surface of the skin, PURGE BABY!

Underneath of my chin did get very sensitive by the end of the day, but really no tenderness on the rest of my face or neck. I went home from work, cleansed my face and then applied retinol wipe #2 to the skin. Again, some mild discomfort, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

Perfect Peel

And Then……

The next day I woke up with some decent peeling around my mouth and on my chin. I did have some tightness and tenderness. As the day continued the small flakes of skin around my mouth turned into large loose flakes of skin that needed to be trimmed with small, sharp scissors (Which my husband got quite a laugh at).

Throughout the course of the day, my skin became wildly itchy and the peeling increased. At this point I was really desperate for some relief. I called my fellow skincare guru at Millefiori in downtown Melbourne, and she recommended I try the Skinceuticals Phytocorrective gel and masque. LIFE. CHANGING. It calmed my red skin about 5 minutes after application.



Fast forward to 5 days later, and the peeling has finished. My skin was left baby soft. I’m not sure that I made it through one errand that day without someone commenting on how good my skin looked. Everyone wanted to know what I did. Well Ladies and gents, now ya know. The “Perfect” Peel will truly leave you with “perfect” skin! Go figure.

Perfect Skin
Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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