Picosure Laser Vs Q Switch

The cosmetic industry, especially laser treatments is rapidly growing. So I am here to guide you through some of the promotional jargon and lay out the science behind the lasers for tattoo removal.  Tattoo removal is  the fasting growing trends in the laser industry, mainly because the new technology in the last year. Over 55 Million Americans have tattoos and it’s estimated that over 20% regret them.

Tattoo Removal Technology

Laser Tattoo Removal has been in practice for the past 20 years. Until recently there have not been any major advances in the field. This past year a newer technology was FDA approved and now we have two players in the game; the older technology of the Q-switch YAG (long been the conventional laser most commonly used for tattoo removal) and the new kid on the block the PicoSure. So what’s the difference?

What makes them the same is- they are both lasers and they both break up ink particles of a tattoo so your body can absorb the ink. That is where the similarities end. The new technology of the PicoSure has changed and updated the way we can now remove tattoos!

Differences Include:

  • PicoSure laser is measured is pico-seconds while Q-switched lasers are measured in nano-seconds (English version– the pico second is new technology that fires the laser faster than anything else on the market)
  • PicoSure uses photomechanical/pressure waves while Q-Switched photothermal/heat (English version– the PicoSure does not use heat and eliminates the risk of damaging the skin and leaving scarring behind)
  • PicoSure breaks down the ink into smaller particles than the Q-Switched (English version– imagine the Pico breaking the ink into dust particles and the Q-switch breaking in into pebbles or little rock. The dust is smaller and will get absorbed faster= tattoo going away faster)
  • PicoSure can fully clear a tattoo in as little as 4-6 treatments the Q-switch can take up to over 20 treatments, and still leave some fading behind.

Below are picture of what the ink looks like under the skin with the different laser treatment

Untreated Ink
Untreated Ink
Treated with Q-Switch (Pebbles)
Treated with Q-Switch (Pebbles)
Treated with PicoSure (dust)
Treated with PicoSure (dust)








Here is another picture of the same tattoo treated with both lasers so you can see the difference

Right side- PicoSure Left Side- Q-Switch YAG
Right side- PicoSure
Left Side- Q-Switch YAG








So this all sounds great and you are wondering what are the drawbacks?

This technology is newer to the market, at the time this was written there were only 50 machines in the entire US and Canada. Now if you found this blog post and are local to central Florida you are in luck!! We have one of these amazing PicoSure machine in our practice – Millefiori Medical Skin Rejuvenation located in Historic Downtown Melbourne.  We are just finishing our building renovations and will be scheduling patients to start tattoo removal among other great services the end of June 2014. Otherwise you can visit the PicoSure website and look up a location close to you.

The other main difference between the lasers is the cost of the treatments. Just like the newest technology for cells phone and TV’s the new thing is going to cost a little more. Treatments usually start around the $150 and can get up to $1000 a session. You can remove a tattoo in 6 or less treatments for a total price of $1800. The old technology is 20-25 treatments at $200 a treatment for a total around $4000. You get  fewer treatments, less pain, guaranteed results, and no scarring to the skin. At our practice we will not let the price deter you from purchasing services you are interested in. Please come in for a free consultation and we can work out a payment structure that fits any budget.

Want more info?? 

  • CALL TODAY and schedule a FREE Consultation- 321-821-4778
  • You can see other blogs on our website from real patients describing their experience.
  • Also another great resource is a website called RealSelf. This is a posting website for actual patients of cosmetic procedures around the world.  They detail their process and include photos so you can see the results.

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