Protect Your Skin this Tailgate Season


3 Tips for Skin Survival at Your Next Tailgate

Football is baaaaaack! Tailgate season is in, but- sunburn and hyperpigmentation is NOT!

As we wind down closer to the end of the year and approach our “cooler” months, it’s still very important to protect your skin the same way you did during the brunt of summer. That’s right, the sun is still blazing and ready to give you sun damage, burnt skin, and age you 10 years! So, here’s how you can stay protected with beautiful skin during your outside activities!


SPF! You see it everywhere, you know it’s the answer. But you’re still not being diligent! Let me help with that….


This picture shows the difference of one side of the skin, regularly protected with sun screen, vs the other side…. Excessive sun exposure with NO protection! 90% of skin aging comes from the effects of the sun. So, does an extra 60 seconds in the morning to apply your sunscreen seem a little more worth it now… ?

Another easily looked- over step is reapplying! The initial application is just as important as the second or third. Don’t let a tailgate age you 30 years.

Hat and Sunglasses

Protect your skin with a brimmed hat. A super easy step to add to your tailgate outfit, and it might just make it look even better! This allows your face to be shaded and avoiding direct sun exposure.


Sunglasses will definitely help as well! Both with protecting your eyes from the sun and reducing those wrinkles from forming due to squinting!

Take a Sun Break

Although it may be hard to sit down during these outside activities, it’s important for your skin and health to take a few minutes and catch some shade when you can! During tailgating, set up an umbrella to relax under.

Not only do you not want to overheat your skin, but you don’t want to overheat your body either. Drink plenty of fluids to help hydrate your skin and body to prevent heat exhaustion and skin dehydration. The sun’s peak hours are from 10AM-2PM, SO if you catch yourself outside during those times- take a break, reapply your SPF, and keep your hat on.



So, as much as I hope your favorite team wins, I really hope your skin stays protected! Come visit us at Millefiori for more skin help, we can’t wait to see you soon!

-Brianna Scaglione


Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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