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Tired of people saying, “you look tired?” Or you feel energetic or lively but your eyes are telling a different story. So many of us have spent hundreds, maybe thousands on different products and treatments to address our tired looking eyes and still no help.

What if I told you there are eye drops that can help the appearance of tired looking eyes? Yes, eye drops! I know you are probably thinking “eye drops can’t fix my tired eyes,” but it truly does work! UPNEEQ is the only FDA approved prescription eye drops for acquired ptosis (low-lying lids) that lifts your upper eyelids to open your eyes! Explore the eye-opening results only UPNEEQ can give.

Why do I look Tired?

Ptosis is something many of us have but do not realize. It affects adults of all ages but occurs more as we get older. Acquired ptosis occurs when the muscles in the eyelid stretch and weaken causing the eye lid to droop.

Sometimes ptosis can be caused by other procedures such as cataract surgery, contact lens wear, or other underlying medical conditions. Not only does ptosis affect your appearance but it can impact your day-to-day activities like reading, driving, computer use, etc. If you feel like you may have acquired ptosis, consult with a healthcare provider to do proper tests to diagnose.

Millions of people over the age of 40 have acquired ptosis but only 15% have been diagnosed and even fewer have received any treatment.

What is UPNEEQ

eye lift

These eye-opening drops are fast acting. Patients in clinical trials had a lift in their eyelids in as little as two hours. UPNEEQ also improves upper field of vision.

Many with acquired ptosis see more on the first day of treatment! 87.8% of patients had some form of improvement and 40.8% of patients had at least a 50% improvement on day 14 for upper field of vision.

Do Results Last?

The eye lift lasts 6-8 hours. Results are seen in as little as two hours, however, one study showed patients seeing results in as little as 5-15 minutes.

 Is it Safe?

Yes, UPNEEQ is safe and comfortable to use.


Check out these results!

eye lift


Are you ready for amazing eye lift results? Stop in and grab UPNEEQ here at Millefiori and experience the eye-opening possibilities in store for you!


Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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