Pregnancy Spa Facials

Our pregnancy spa facials are designed to help you pay attention to your body and how you are feeling, use the time at our spa to focus on what makes you feel beautiful and healthy.

Pregnancy can present with a lot changes especially to the skin. There are also many changes to what products you can and cannot use on the skin. Make sure that you have a consultation with a skincare professional to guide you in the right direction. Millefiori is here to do just that.  Professional pregnancy spa facials can work wonders when it comes to clearing clogged pores and excessive oil- as a result of those crazy hormones.

Your skin is extra sensitive during pregnancy so you want to make sure you are getting treatment that you skin can handle, here at Millefiori we specialize in pregnancy spa facials tailored to the skin needs of pregnancy. For example we do not recommend certain treatments such as aggressive chemical peels during pregnancy. 

Also certain essential oil should not be used during the first trimester. We have done the research and took the guesswork out and are able to customize a treatment plan to your changing skin care needs.

Our pregnancy spa facials have an emphasis on relaxation and gentle cleanse of the skin to restore balance with changing hormones.

Slowing down and relaxing is one of the best gifts you can give to you and your baby. Our pregnancy spa facials are designed to help you pay attention to your body and how you are feeling, use the time at our spa to focus on what makes you feel beautiful and healthy.

Common Skin Problems

Hormonal Acne

Why do breakout occur during pregnancy? 
Elevated levels of progesterone cause increased secretion of oil, sebum, and clogged pores.
What can be done during pregnancy?

Most common OTC products for acne have salicylic acid which is not good during pregnancy. At Millefiori we recommend SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Gel. This product has anti-inflammatory cucumber and detoxifying thyme to help calm and soothe irritated skin. It also help to brighten the skin and give you a fresh looking complexion. Also the SkinCeuticals Equalizing Toner is a great product to help balance the pH of the skin without any chemical fragrance or alcohol. For treatments our acne clinical facial can be done with extractions to unclog pores and help keep excessive oil under control.

What can be done after pregnancy?

Everyone is different with how their skin responds after baby but if breakouts and oil are still a concern then the 3 step Micropeel treatment is just what the doctor ordered. This treatments combines the benefits of dermaplaning, customized chemical peel solution, and CO2 freezing blast.

Pregnancy Mask — Melasma

What causes the hyperpigmentation?

Elevated level of estrogen and progesterone trigger increased production of melanocytes that cause dark spots to appear on the skin.

It has estimated than 50% of women develop some form of the “Pregnancy Mask”. This darkening of the skin is medically known as melasma

What can be done during pregnancy?

Most of the products that you can find online and in the drug stores have chemicals that can be harmful to baby. Be very cautious when adding any new products during pregnancy without first consulting a medical professional. There are things that can be done in the office here at Millefiori that are gentle to the skin to help with the pigmentation, these include: spa facials with Kojic Acid, gentle microdermabrasionphysical block with SPF, and natural products such as skinceuticals phyto corrective gel.

What can be done after pregnancy?

Once post baby we can use more aggressive products such as the deep dermis Perfect Peel and products such as skinceuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector.

Nonspecific Dermatitis — Dry Skin

What causes the itchy skin?

The jury is still out if there is a specific connection between eczema and pregnancy. Some women actual get relief and the redness subsides others get outbreaks for the first time. The condition can be classified be many names such as eczema, atopic or nonspecific dermatitis. Symptoms can range from feeling hot, itchy, and dry. If severe the skin can feel raw or even bleed.

What can be done during pregnancy?

One of the easiest things to do is flip around the bottle on your daily products and read the labels. Just like there is hidden sugars in foods there are hidden additives and fillers in over the counter (OTC) products that can irritate the skin. Check to make sure that you are avoiding extra fragrance or perfumes. Make sure to use sensitive skin moisturizes early in the day and often this prevents the dryness from getting worse and may alleviate some of the itching.

What can be done after pregnancy?

If the symptoms were brought on by the pregnancy then they should subside post-partum. If not you can start looking into treatments such as steroids or anti-histamines that may have been off limits for the past 9 months.

Puffy/Tired Eyes

What causes tired looking eyes?

Believe it or not the most common reason is exhaustion. As you are growing a little human inside you body is working extra hard and you can become physically exhausted. Also poor circulation and water retention in the area can add to the dark circles and bags.

What can be done during pregnancy?

The first thing that tackles both the exhaustion and the eye symptoms is a facial with eye zone treatment. This special add on for the eyes is great to way to manually improve the circulation, decrease puffiness, and hydrate the skin to decrease lines. We use products specially formulated for the eye area that are safe during pregnancy. To keep the benefits going after you have left the office we recommend either the AGE Eye cream or AOX Eye gel.

What can be done after pregnancy?

In addition to the above treatments you can explore more aggressive treatments such as laser resurfacing, botox and injectable fillers.


Just as you have changed your products over the years during different times in your life, with pregnancy you will need to change your daily routine. At this time in your life you need a little guidance from skincare professionals to steer you in the right direction; learning what is safe for you and baby.

As a general rule of thumb you will want to eliminate products with very harsh or active ingredients such as; Vitamin A, Retinols, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, and Glycolic. These are some of the most common, but if you are thinking about adding any new products just run it by you skincare professional.

You will need to add products that gentle cleanse the skin and learn to exfoliate without the above chemicals. Our product line SkinCeuticals has many options that are all natural and chemical free that are safe during pregnancy. These products include Gentle CleanserMicro-Exfoliating scrub, and Phyto-Corrective Gel.

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