Skin Hydration or a Deflated Football!!

skin hydration

Water Equals Skin Hydration

We’re all jealous of Jennifer Aniston’s skin, right? I know I am. She is a huge believer in proper skincare and it shows as she defies her age, year after year. Want to know one of her secrets, besides strategically placed syringes? WATER = skin hydration!!!!!

This is not a Smart Water Advertisement but……smart women drink copious amounts of water. Water is the essential key to skin’s suppleness and healthy, clear appearance. It doesn’t matter if it is bottled or tap….drink the city’s water at your own risk.

Skin hydration

Why Water?

Regardless of its age, we need water to maintain our skins shape and healthy appearance. If you read my blog about skin regeneration then you know that your skin, acts like a filter. What cleans the filter and keeps the skin from collecting dirt and oil in your pores? Water! Skin Hydration looks younger and hydration is the first anti-aging step.

Water represents 70% of our skin’s total weight, which demonstrates how important it is to preserve it. Think of your skin also like a sponge. What happens to a sponge when it left to dry out?  It shrinks, it shrivels, it looks dry and rough. Add water, and poof! It snaps back into its full shape and size. Your skin reacts the exact same way.

Superficial Layer- What we See in the Mirror!!

When your skin’s superficial layers are unbalanced, the protective barrier is much less reliable. Long periods of dehydration eventually breakdown your skin’s natural protective barrier. Allowing bacteria to settle into pores, which leads to more frequent breakouts.

The hydro-lipidic film struggles to maintain its regulatory and protective role. When the skin is left dehydrated it feels rough and tight. As it worsens, it becomes dull, begins to peel and develop noticeable imperfections such as grooves and lines, a/k/a –wrinkles. Think an old deflated Football!!Skin Hydration

Deeper Layer- What You Can’t See

Helping skin maintain its water levels means helping it fight against the signs of aging. The more hydrated the skin is, the more supple, plump and alive it will be. Like a Baby!!

Without adequate water intake, skin appears duller, and wrinkles and pores more prominent. That may be because water plumps up the skin, causing wrinkles and pores to get filled in and a variety of structures in the skin that support collagen require water to work effectively.

Is This For Real?

There is science to back it up – and research –one study found that drinking 2.25 liters (9.5 cups) of water every day for four weeks altered skin density and thickness.

Skin HydrationBonus – water helps ward of breakouts! When skin is hydrated, plump, and elastic, it’s less likely to crack and let in external particles that can cause irritations and blemishes.

Water may also fend off breakouts by decreasing the concentration of oil on your skin. It is critical to have a stable balance of water to oil on the surface of skin.

Do This!!

Every day, aim for eight to 10 eight-ounce servings, and spread them out throughout the day as opposed to guzzling them all at once. Your body can only absorb so much water each hour. After that, you’re just going to pee it out before it ever makes its way to your skin.

Wait a tic! Hydrating your skin from the inside out isn’t an excuse to skip your moisturizer ladies! After all, the water you drink may not affect your outermost layers of skin, the ones that get dried out from skin cleansers. Moisturizing your skin both internally and externally is a critical combination for healthy, beautiful skin.


Love the skin you are in!


Iris Kelley

Iris Kelley

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